$ 11 billion takeover bid for Ladbrokes

15 January 2021

If you know the gambling world a little, the Ladbrokes company will not seem unfamiliar to you. It is one of the best-known gambling companies in England and is based in London. Initially, it fell under the Hilton Group, which has become known through the same name’s hotel chain. However, Hilton Group divested this business in 2016, and it was acquired by Entain. Since then we have known it under the name Ladbrokes Coral. The company has done very well and received the attractive $ 11 billion offer. But is that offer really that attractive? Entain doesn’t think so.

Takeover on Ladbrokes bid rejected

Entain indicates that Ladbrokes is worth much more than 11 billion and has rejected the takeover bid. That does not mean that the negotiations have ended completely. Entain has stated that it has sales of $ 1.4 billion in the US market, but expectations are very high. It is estimated that the company will have sales of about $ 20 billion in America by 2025, an impressive increase. Entain would therefore like to discuss the possibilities for a merger. The company has contacted the partner who was willing to acquire: MGM.

Is MGM Following in the Footsteps of Caesars Entertainment?

You may already know MGM from the hotels with casino in the US. For example, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas is known. So it is certainly not surprising that this company was willing to take over. Still, it may not come entirely unexpected for Entain. There was also a high-profile takeover recently. Caesars Entertainment then also took over a British bookmaker. Entain knows that the opportunities for the online gambling market are getting more interesting by the day. It is therefore not surprising that they may be waiting for a better offer.

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