Betting on the darts championships

28 December 2020

The darts championships are now a fact, although the question is to what extent they can still be played. The first game was played on December 15, at the Alexandra Palace in London. The best darts players remain and will be scheduled for the quarter-finals. These are planned for January 1.

New corona variant bad news for the sport

The PDC World Cup takes place in London, so the discovery of the new corona variant in Great Britain was definitely not good news. It put the games in question for a while. Professional sport can now usually continue, but is this also when this variant is much more contagious? The World Cup darts can in any case, continue for the time being. The players at these championships come from all over the world. Some wanted to go home quickly before Christmas, but when it became clear that England would be locked up, they promptly turned back or let the thought go. The foreign darts players who had lost weight could not just return home.

Several games to go

In the World Championship darts, there are still several matches planned. The quarter-finals will follow on January 1. After that, the semi-finals and the final are on January 2 and 3. Who will we see in the semi-finals and the darts final according to you? You may want to take a gamble now.

Online betting on World Cup darts

With the reliable bookmakers from our overview, you can already take a bet on various sports, including darts. Have you followed the games closely and do you think you can predict who will be the winner? Then pass on your choice today and who knows, you might be able to make a nice profit.