Betting on the US Presidential Election: Trump or Biden?

2 November 2020

The presidential elections in America are at the centre of attention right now. Men worldwide are closely following the developments and who will be at the head of this mighty country for the next four years. Will it be Trump again or is Biden more likely? The polls are usually not very reliable, and we noticed that last time when the battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump turned out very differently than many people had expected.

Placing political bets through bookmakers

Bookmakers where you can bet on sports and where you can play in an online casino are perhaps more famous. But there are also bookmakers where you can gamble on other matters, for example on the political level. Earlier, we mentioned Boris Johnson’s baby: will it be a boy or girl, and what will be the name of the child? Those who then bet that it would be a boy have a nice profit. Betting on politics, however, is still a profession in its own right. All kinds of predictions are made in advance for this and let’s not forget the polls. Often you have already been influenced by all the news you get about this. So keep in mind that you maybe are “coloured” when placing a bet.

What does the PredictIt polls say?

The New Zealand party PredictIt is a leading website in the field of politics. The site operates as a trader, with the bets being the “shares”. However, there are stringent requirements that this company must meet. For example, no more than 5000 users are allowed to participate in a bet, and there is a maximum of 850 dollars. PredictIt can be seen as more reliable than the regular polls. It is because less influence is exerted on the participants, and they do not follow the majority of the voters. According to PredictIt participants, the outcome of the presidential election is obvious. Biden gets 70% of the vote, while Trump has to do with just 30% on this website. Is Biden really taking the credit too? Or the story goes like four years ago with Clinton running high on the polls, and Trump winning the actual election? Who do you think will be the winner?

Betting on politics and sports

At, you will find a complete overview of reliable bookmakers. Here you can compare European bookmakers in one handy comparison overview. These bookmakers are supervised by European gaming authorities. So whether you want to take a bet on sports or politics, these bookmakers are always the right choice. Don’t be guided by the opinion of the majority and rely on your feelings!