Bookmakers see Messi leave to UK and choose for Man City

1 September 2020

Lionel Messi has announced that he wants to make use of his clause to terminate the contract with Barcelona. The marriage between the Argentinian and the Catalan club seemed like an eternity. Still, now there is a fighting divorce lurking. A return to his beloved former trainer, Pep Guardiola, is one of the options for Messi.

A rift between Barcelona and Messi seems inevitable now that he has indicated that he wants to leave by registered letter. Messi can use a one-sided clause for this. The proverbial straw for Messi was the message from new trainer Ronald Koeman, who told him that his privileges under Koeman’s rule are a thing of the past. The question is whether Messi can make use of his clause. The season ended in August, but the new year of his contract has already started, leaving Messi unable to rely on that way out.

Messi’s message prompted Barca to reiterate that they are done with President Josep Bartomeu. In the eyes of the fans, he is the source of the imploded Barcelona. Messi has been associated with a move to Manchester City more often in recent years. The chance that he will actually go to England now seems more significant than ever.

If Bartomeu does not leave, Messi will look further. The bookmakers are still cautious about the odds for Manchester City as the new club for the world star. These odds are at around 5.00 for football betting at the time of writing. If Inter becomes Messi’s next club, you will receive about 11 times your stake back at the various bookmakers. If Messi goes to that other club from Manchester, which the bookmakers consider unlikely, you will get 13 times your stake back.