Dutch legalization of online betting gives a boost to the advertising world

2 January 2021

It is now known that online gambling will soon be legalized in the Netherlands. This will be the case from 1 March 2021, if everything goes according to plan. The process was previously delayed, but it is expected that it will actually become a reality in March next year. The Dutch games of chance authority will issue licenses, creating a reliable basis for anyone who wants to take a gamble. But what does this have to do with the advertising world?

Legalization of the Gambling Act has consequences for other sectors

When the economy is going badly, you often see a domino effect. Now that major events can no longer occur due to corona, this has consequences for all sectors involved. Also, consider marketing. With the new gambling law, such a domino effect will also arise, but positively. Because this branch continues to grow, more and more companies are gathering around it. The advertising world can also count on a significant boost.

Prices are getting higher

Marketing prices are getting higher. It has fluctuated for years, of course. Think of TV and radio spots, which are many times more expensive in December than in January. With the advent of the new gambling law, the demand for this type of advertising expects to increase enormously. After all, online gambling is relatively new in the Netherlands. Can any provider advertise this just like that? No, definitely not. It only concerns the legal providers who have obtained licenses from the Dutch Gaming Authority. Only they are allowed to advertise, including via radio and TV. However, there are rules.

Rules for advertising online gambling

The rules for advertising online gambling are still obvious at the moment. Because it is not yet legal in the Netherlands, no direct advertising may be made for this yet. However, this will change once the licenses are issued. The companies that have obtained a permit are allowed to advertise according to strict rules. For example, no celebrity may come to the fore, so as not to address young people under 18.

Safe online gambling

The Dutch Gambling Authority strives for a safe online betting environment. Therefore, safe online gambling is allowed for the companies that have received the correct Dutch licenses from the Gaming Authority. Want to know which companies they are? On our website, you will also find a list of reliable Dutch bookmakers throughout the filter in the bookmaker comparison. If you are over 18 years old, you can always take a safe bet here.