Megadeal in bookmaker world: 31 million on the table

16 February 2020

Last week, Betsson Group hit the headlines. The company announced a new acquisition. The amount involved? 31 million euros. And that alone shows that it is not just any takeover. Betsson Group has given the eyes a good cost and acquired several important parties in the existing company.

More about Betsson Group

The Swedish company Betsson Group seems to have a short history, but that’s only because of the name. This only changed to Betsson in 2006. Before that, the company was called AB Restaurang Rouletter and Cherryföretagen AB, abbreviated to Cherry. Bill Lindwall and Rolf Lundström founded the company. Today Pontus Lindwall, Bill’s son, is the CEO. He hasn’t held that position for a while but still got homesick for the top spot, which is why he became CEO again in 2017. In the meantime, however, he was involved in the company, but in the form of chairman of the board of directors. Now that he is CEO again, Patrick Svensk fulfills this position.

The ambitions of Betsafe Group

Betsson has been engaged in high profile acquisitions for many years. Many companies from the European game market have already been taken over. The acquisition of Jackpot247, SuperCasino, and Vernons is well known. This was done through a £ 26 million acquisition of NetPlay TV’s assets. But no less than 31 million euros were put on the table last week, so this acquisition is not negligible either.

The biggest deal in the bookmaker world?

The news was announced on Friday. Betsson Group will acquire bookmakers from the Gaming Innovation Group. This concerns the following bookmakers:

• Thrills
• Kaboo
• Rizk
• Gouge

This ensures that Betsson Group is even more firmly in the shoes. That is, of course, an essential reason for the takeover. Pontus Lindwall, CEO, himself, stated that this was an excellent opportunity for the consolidation of Betsson. He sees a lot of potential for the assets, and this is evident from the amount of no less than 31 million euros.
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