Pay-Per-View Sports Likely to be Scrapped After Fan Fury

9 November 2020

The start of the 2020/2021 EPL season didn’t exactly go to plan. First, we had covid-19 and the whole social distancing measures that followed, then we had rules set in place that would see football teams playing behind closed doors – boring but it was needed to keep everyone safe, but nothing could prepare football fans for what came next!

Top-flight football matches

Accessing top-flight football matches can only be done through the likes of satellite television subscription services and these alone come with a hefty price tag. So, when an announcement was made that many of these games would only be available via a new pay-per-view system, the fans were up in arms! TV pundits and sports betting companies also voiced their concerns over the system, especially given that the majority of fans are already shelling out big bucks every month to watch their favourite teams play.

And It’s a No from Us

In the UK, matches were setting back supporters £14.95 and that’s not a month, that’s for ONE match! Rumours started to circulate as fans started to abstain from watching the beloved game; it would seem the decision makers behind the scandalous pay-per-view system were looking at knocking it on the head, then a few days ago, those rumours were confirmed, the Premier League’s model is likely to be scrapped this week.

A source told The Times: “It’s been a PR disaster – £14.95 was a mistake and now we’re going into lockdown again there’s a feeling we have to do something to change it.”  Mike Ashley, Newcastle United owner has been critical of the model from the word go: “Charging £14.95 for single televised matches in the current climate it is not acceptable to any football fan. Supporters have overwhelmingly rejected this offer and the Premier League must now act. As a club, Newcastle did vote in favour of the pay-per-view proposal, but to be clear, this was because there were no realistic or any viable alternatives put forward to enable supporters to watch matches.”

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