Grand National cancelado a favor de la carrera virtual en medio de la crisis del coronavirus

25 January 2021

We already saw plenty of room to bet on current events during the American elections. With the bets on Boris Johnson’s baby, it became clear that sometimes this cannot go far enough. At the moment there is a new hype: betting on the new actor who will take on the role of 007. Who will it be? Which actor will succeed the famous Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond? The bookmakers have been very busy with it in recent months, and there is plenty of focus on various actors. Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy or Idris Elba as 007? No Time to Die is one of those movies we’ve all been looking forward to. The film has still not hit theatres. The coronavirus also throws a spanner in the works here. As it seems now, the premiere will also take some time.

However, fans are one step further. They are already speculating who the new 007 – James Bond will be. At first, it was expected that this time it could become a woman, but this seems to be less and less likely. We see mainly names such as Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and Idris Elba among the bookmakers. The rising star RegĂ©-Jean Page of the popular Netflix series Bridgerton is also placed in the list. His response can be called quite laconic because he indicated that every Brit who manages to acquire a little fame, will soon be associated with the B-word. The list changes due to news that comes out. People are more and more curious about the new James Bond film and actor. Under the new James Bond actor’s spell, bookmakers offer bets on the outcome. It gives it directly a fun element to look out for the final Bond actor. And it’s a trendy bet people take. Bookmakers are seeing a significant increase in the number of predictions through Bond betting.

An example of this is Cillian Murphy.

His name soared in the polls when it became known that the Netflix series Peaky Blinders is coming to an end. The odds are still changing, but one name seems to stand out. Tom Hardy’s position has been relatively stable for several months now. This result was maintained at almost every bookmaker. Who do you think is the biggest contender for the role of 007? You can already take a gamble through various online bookmakers to record your choice. Gambling online on current affairs Via the bookmakers in our overview, you can bet on sports or opt for the online casino. It is also possible to bet on current events. The role of James Bond is one of them. At the online bookmakers in our overview, you can see exactly what else you can bet on. These bookmakers are all under the supervision of the Gaming Commission.