NFL Draft Betting

Make the start of the new NFL American Football season even more exciting with betting during the NFL Draft. Predict which football players will be chosen by the NFL teams at several available bookmakers!

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NFL Draft Betting

Bet on NFL Draft

In American Football and NFL football league, players are selected for a team in different ways. Teams can follow three routes in this to add innovation to the team. The NFL has a lot of influence on the teams in the competition (think of the salary limit, for example), and that is no different when selecting players and the NFL draft. For example, the NFL has determined to keep everything evenly distributed, that the worst team of the previous NFL season can choose first. For instance, it always remains exciting, and teams are really more evenly matched in strength, and many surprises can occur per season. Every year there are several rough diamonds available as a player. These are players that every American Football club wants to add to the selection. There is always a demand for good quarterbacks. The annual NFL Draft event at the start of the NFL season is also increasing in popularity with NFL betting. On this page, we highlight all the options you have regarding predicting and betting at NFL Draft.

Three options selecting players by NFL teams

The NFL teams have a total of three options for bringing in players for the soccer team. In addition to the traditional NFL Draft, teams can also pick up players as “free agents” or trade players with other teams. Below, we explain what each form entails and which betting options you may have at the bookmakers.

Free agents

A football team can add a player with “free agents”. The free-agent term refers to a player who does not have a club and has not been selected for the NFL draft. It is also possible that these players may, for example, have just been fired from their former football team and are released on the market. Of course, bookmakers have different bets available for the free agents. Which player is actually chosen? And which team has the player selected? Or is a mobile player left with nothing? Predict it at the bookmaker and let’s find out!

Exchange players

As a second means, in American Football, a team can exchange its own player for a player from the opponent’s team. In American Football, if they are under contract with a club, players can be traded with a player from another club. This is not possible all year round, but only from week six until the free agency starts. This is a total period of approximately six months.

Around 30 players are chosen per round, so each team should choose about 1 player per round. Sometimes 1 team picks 2 players, and another team doesn’t select any player. This is because the teams can trade draft choices. For example, a team can change the first choice in the draft for a player from another team.

Also, when exchanging players at American Football, fans of the sport can indulge themselves with numerous bets at the online bookmakers.

NFL Draft

As a third way of selecting new players for the team, the American Football Draft is traditionally used. The draft is the most spectacular way to get players and an actual event for most sports fans in America. Players who make themselves available for the draft are players just out of college: the future of the NFL. All 32 teams are allowed to choose their players within two days of the drift, the so-called picks. The draft consists of a total of seven rounds, so all teams can choose 7x.

Before the actual draft, the college players undergo some tests to make good comparisons – the draft combine. Whether it is an NFL or a college team, each team has its own playbook, which sometimes prevents certain aspects from being highlighted correctly. The draft combine offers the possibility to rectify these kinds of inaccuracies. What should these young athletes do? They have to complete a “40-yard dash”, the jumping power is tested, reaction time is tested, and the lines’ position is checked. Based on this, a classification is made that functions as a recommendation. To participate in the NFL draft, you must have graduated from your High School for at least three years. Many players are therefore selected from the NCAA college football programs.

NFL Draft: The Picking Order

When the draft actually starts, each club gets seven rounds to choose players. In the first round, clubs are given ten minutes, while round two lasts seven minutes. The other rounds have lengths of five minutes each. In addition, there is a particular ranking: the team that finished lowest during the previous season can choose first in all seven rounds. “The winner of the Super Bowl will be the last to choose. We call this The Picking Order.

NFL Draft traditionally held on weekends in late April

The draft is traditionally held over a weekend at the end of April and consists of seven rounds. Rounds 1 through 3 are held on Saturdays, and rounds 4-7 on Sundays. Around 30 players are chosen per round, so each team should choose about 1 player per round. Sometimes 1 team chooses 2 players, and another team doesn’t select any. Teams can trade draft choices: for example, a team can switch the first choice in the draft for a player from another team.

Popular bets for NFL Draft

► Types of NFL Draft Bets

The popularity of sports betting at the NFL Draft has really increased in a tremendous amount of interest in recent years. Placing a bet at NFL Draft is much more than a standard prediction on “who will be No. 1?”. For example, the betting shops offer hundreds of different bets during the NFL Draft. An NFL Draft bet is available for every type of bettor interested in betting on the NFL Draft.

In addition to predicting the favourite number one choice, it is also possible for bookmakers to bet on the numbers two and three. Attractive NFL odds are offered by the bookies, and you can aim at high odds to choose for your hopefully correct prediction. You can also bet on specific players and whether these players will end up in the top 5 or top 10. Or predict how many Quarterbacks will be chosen in the first round. You have many different options with NFL Draft betting at the online bookmakers. The bookmakers have an extensive range of betting options where almost every conceivable bet can be missed.

► Handicap betting on NFL Draft

Handicap betting with NFL Draft is popular and a much-chosen betting option. With handicap betting a team is given a virtual lead or behind to fictitiously equalize the proportions. This immediately results in much higher NFL odds for the bookmakers. How this works with NFL Draft betting can best be explained with an example.

As an example in NFL Draft betting, we take the Seattle Seahawks versus Green Bay Packers match. Seattle Seahawks are the favourite. They got a score of 1.40, against a 2.80 score for the Green Bay Packers. In addition to these standard 1×2 bets, you also see the handicap bets available for NFL betting. Both teams have a score of 1.87, but there is a slight difference. The Seahawks have -5 in the quote and the Packers +5. This is called the Point Spread.

The Seahawks actually start the game with a virtual backlog. To have a good outcome of the prediction of this exampled bet, Seattle must end the game by 5 points or more. They will have eliminated their virtual backlog. Because this outcome is more difficult to predict than an NFL bet where the point difference does not matter. The NFL odds are way higher than regular NFL betting options.

It’s the other way around for the Green Bay Packers. They receive a virtual advantage of 5 points from the bookmaker. Your bet will be also right if the Packers end the game with less than 5 points. Because these are broader conditions than betting on just a standard bet for the Packers, the odds with NFL betting are lower than with the standard 1×2 betting option at the bookmaker.

Best NFL betting sites

Where to find NFL Draft betting options?

NFL betting is increasingly on the rise in Europe, and the bookmakers are increasingly focusing on the American number one. But what are the best NFL betting sites to place a good bet? And do these bookmakers also have options for betting during the NFL Draft? And, of course, you want to have a wide choice of bets on American Football during Super Bowl Sunday in the NFL!

At you are at the right place, and you are offered a wide range of different legal American Football bookmakers. At these bookmakers, you will find a wide range of NFL bets, and every American Football fan will be able to convert his prediction in the form of a bet. The bookmakers provided on here all support NFL Draft betting options with several betting options for the event. Compare the best American Football bookmakers on our website and place your prediction safely and legally!

Bet on high NFL odds

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