UEFA EURO 2024 BIG 16 Wagering Tips: Navigating the Knockout Stages

2 July 2024

The UEFA EURO 2024 has already delivered its fair share of thrills and spills, with underdogs rising and favourites faltering. As we enter the knockout stages, the excitement—and the stakes—only intensify. For those looking to add an extra layer of engagement to their football viewing experience, here are some key considerations for wagering on the Big 16.

Understanding the Landscape

Before placing any betting on Euro football, it’s crucial to grasp the current tournament landscape. The group stages have reshuffled expectations, with teams like Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, and Georgia defying the odds to reach the knockout rounds. This unpredictability is both a challenge and an opportunity for savvy bettors.

Consider this: Romania topped Group E with just 4 points, while tournament debutants Georgia finished second in Group F. These performances underscore the volatile nature of tournament football and the potential for high-value underdogs.

Key Matchups to Watch

  1. Switzerland vs. Italy (June 29, Berlin): This Alpine derby could be tighter than traditional rankings suggest. Italy’s pedigree is undeniable, but Switzerland’s disciplined approach might frustrate the Azzurri.
  2. France vs. Belgium (June 30, Düsseldorf): A clash of titans that could easily be a final. With world-class talent on both sides, this match might come down to midfield dominance or individual brilliance.
  3. England vs. Slovakia (June 30, Gelsenkirchen): While England enters as favorites, Slovakia’s giant-killing potential makes this an intriguing proposition for those seeking value bets.
  4. Spain vs. Georgia (June 30, Cologne): A classic clash of styles. Spain’s possession-based approach against Georgia’s counter-attacking prowess offers interesting prop bet opportunities, particularly in possession stats and shot totals.

Tactical Considerations

Understanding tactical matchups can provide an edge in your wagering strategy. For instance, the Spain-Georgia and Portugal-Slovenia fixtures present classic possession vs. counter-attack battles. These games might see fewer goals but could offer value in markets like “team with most possession” or “number of shots on target.”

In tighter contests like Austria vs. Türkiye, set-pieces could prove decisive. Consider prop bets on corners or free-kick goals if you’ve done your homework on these teams’ set-piece proficiency.

The Unpredictability Factor

If there’s one lesson from the group stages, it’s to expect the unexpected. Group stage form doesn’t always translate to knockout success. Fatigue, injuries, and the pressure of elimination all come into play. This unpredictability can lead to attractive odds on potential upsets.

Remember Romania topping their group? Or Slovenia’s historic qualification? These narratives remind us that in tournament football, anything can happen. While it’s important not to get carried away, keeping an open mind to potential surprises could uncover some valuable wagering opportunities.

Beyond Match Results

While match outcomes are the most straightforward bets, the knockout stages offer a plethora of other markets to explore:

  1. Goal Scorers: With stars like Ronaldo, Mbappé, and Kane in action, golden boot markets remain active.
  2. Over/Under Goals: Knockout football can be cagey. Analyze team strategies and head-to-head histories to inform these bets.
  3. Timing of Goals: Does a team typically start strong or finish late? These patterns can inform bets on when goals might be scored.
  4. Progression Bets: Consider wagering on which teams will reach various stages of the tournament.

Responsible Wagering

While betting can add excitement to your EURO 2024 experience, it’s paramount to approach it responsibly. Set a budget, stick to it, and never wager more than you can afford to lose. Remember, the primary focus should be enjoying the spectacle of top-level international football.


As we edge closer to crowning the champions of Europe, UEFA EURO 2024 promises more drama, surprises, and unforgettable moments. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a casual fan looking to add some spice to your viewing experience, approaching wagering with knowledge, strategy, and responsibility can enhance your enjoyment of the tournament.

Keep your finger on the pulse of team news, tactical insights, and tournament dynamics. And above all, savor every moment of what promises to be a thrilling conclusion to one of football’s most prestigious tournaments.