Will betting on drone races become a hype in Europe soon?

19 January 2021

In the US, a new hype seems to be emerging around the popular drone races. It is now possible in five American States to take a gamble at these races via an app. The drone race is a relatively new phenomenon and now spectators can also bet on the outcome. The drone pilot who reaches the finish line first is the winner.

How do drone races work?

A drone race is a race where a drone is deployed, but in the end it’s all about the pilot’s talents. It is not a simple speed measurement, but a complicated course that an amateur can only admire. The drone faces all kinds of obstacles and it’s not just about speed, but also maneuverability. This can also be seen in the images, which are sometimes quite dizzying. The drone pilot wears a kind of VR glasses with which he can see the images that the drone films live. So you definitely have to have a strong stomach for that. The public can often also view these images.

Drone Racing League is partnering with DraftKings

Drone Racing League manages the official competitions and has recently started working with DraftKings. This company specializes in fantasy sports betting, virtual sports. Betting on these drone races is done via a new app for your smartphone or tablet. This app is already widely downloaded and used in the states of West Virginia, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Colorado and New Jersey. However, DraftKings expects to expand in the United States soon. The company also sees opportunities for the global market. The drone sport is very hopeful: money is used faster than in other sports. In Europe, too, you may soon be able to take a gamble at drone races.

Gambling on drone races and other sports

Will betting on drone races at online bookmakers also become a hype in Europe soon? It won’t be long before we can answer this question, if it is up to DraftKings and Drone Racing League. Until then, you can just bet on all kinds of other sports, via the reliable bookmakers on Bookmakers.eu. On this site you will only find the best bookmakers with the correct licenses. These are all supervised by the various reliable European gaming committees. Will you soon be football betting or Formula 1 or are you going to the online casino for an evening?