Bet Builder: Combine multiple predictions within one match

You thoroughly immerse yourself in the match that is to come. After taking in the latest club news and taking a detailed look at the statistics, you’ve figured it out: Manchester United will beat Newcastle by big numbers. But then it’s time to make decisions. Because which betting option are you going for? Of course, it would be a shame to leave just one prediction when you’ve dug into the game so well. You prefer to bet on the winner and on the first goalscorer. Or maybe you like to combine an over/under bet with Both Teams to Score. You expect at least four goals and that both teams know how to find the goal. Then this mix of two bets is the perfect way to increase your odds. Thanks to the Bet Builder (or whatever your bookmaker calls this betting option), you can leave multiple predictions for one football match. This is interesting for anyone who would like to increase their winning amount.

It took a while, but the Bet Builder has arrived

Combining bets is not new. Still, it took a long time before football bettors could enter multiple predictions within one match. There was always only the possibility to make bet combinations from different football matches. Let’s take an example: did you want to bet on the winner of the Manchester United – Newcastle game and on the number of goals in the match between Bayern Munchen and Hamburg SV? No problem, because a combi bet offered you precisely what you were looking for. But if you wanted to focus on one football match at a time, you had little choice. The bookmakers like 888sport and only accepted one prediction per football game. So you had to choose, even if you actually had several betting options in mind.

Bet Builder bookmaker

During change, and so does the online gambling world. After the first bookmaker made it possible to combine bets within one match, more soon followed. This option has now become an integral part of the various betting platforms. Sometimes it takes a while to find the right choice. Different names are circulating. One bookmaker talks about the Bet Builder, while the other talks about Multiway+, Bets on Demand or simply ‘the create’. Moreover, it differs per bookie which types of bets all count. So it requires some research before you get started with this way of betting.

Include the number of corners and the goalscorer in your football bet. You just have to make sure that these predictions don’t conflict. For example, suppose you focus on a Champions League match between Man City and PSG. You declare the Citizens the winner and tick the ‘no’ box on the Both Teams to Score -bet. Then it makes little sense to give up the name of that top striker of Paris Saint-Germain as the goalscorer. That way, you know in advance that you will lose. So make sure you have a complete match scenario in your head that you adjust your predictions too. In that respect, the Bet Builder does have a slight advantage over a regular combi bet. You only have to delve into one football match while you still benefit from that high odds. If that’s not a good deal?

Getting started with the Bet Builder step by step

Betting with the Bet Builder, Multiway+, Bets on Demand or the creator is straightforward. It all starts with picking out an exciting football match. Once you’ve selected it, you can choose the Bet Builder from the menu. That is if it is available for the game of your choice. From that moment on, the stacking of bets can begin! Select the betting options you have on your list and determine your stake. You will immediately see how much your bet is worth, thanks to that multiplication of odds. Is the betting slip entirely to your liking? Hand it into the bookmaker and see what the match brings you. Perhaps there is a lot to cheer about when the ref gives the final signal after 90 minutes.