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Our betting experts have selected the best betting tips & odds for you. Find daily betting tips from the best bookmakers, sorted by the highest odds. This way, you always play and bet with the highest possible odds available, and get the most profit from all your bets. Our motto is: “Win together and let’s beat the bookmakers!”

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The betting tips and advice from the tipsters of provides no guarantee of winnings. The betting tips and probability value rating are provided with the best of intentions and have been carefully researched, but are for entertainment purposes only. or an affiliated company or party does not accept any liability of any kind, financial or otherwise. Only bet on what you can afford to lose.

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We can enjoy sports all year round, and there is always an exciting sports match or event going on. You can often also bet on these sports competitions. Especially for that reason, we have the best odds and bets available for you every day. This way, you will never miss an exciting betting tip again. You can check current daily odds at any time, and of course, always with the highest value from the most reliable bookmakers around.

Our Betting Expert has selected the best betting tips for you

Predicting correctly with sports betting can sometimes be quite sustainable. Extra help with predicting bets and getting well-thought betting tips by tipsters is then a great additional tool to place well-considered bets at a bookmaker. The Betting Experts at search all over the internet every day, looking for the best betting tips and betting predictions available, and place them daily in an up-to-date odds overview. This way, you can see at a glance which betting odds are available at the major bookmakers and where the highest and best betting odds can be obtained. For example, our odds betting comparison offers you various interesting tips, such as betting tips for soccer for all important football competitions. So expect daily Premier League football betting tips or football betting odds tips for Bundesliga, Eredivisie and La Liga. Of course, betting tips together with the best odds for Champions League and the World Cup or European Championship can’t be missed.

The best odds tips for 1×2 betting – which gives you the prediction of the winner of a match – is prevalent listed and presented to you daily in our betting tips comparison. Also, other betting options like the popular over/under betting for total goals prediction and tips on Asian Handicap can’t be missing in the betting tips comparison list. 

Every bet we offer trough our betting tips page has a ‘probability’ rating. It gives you a calculated percentage, based on many factors of a match. This number will give you a good idea of ​​the chances of winning the particular bet. The betting experts at regularly place a bet themselves with the various bookmakers. They are comfortable and generous to share their expectations and tips for free on This way, by sharing knowledge, thoughtful betting only becomes more exciting, and the chance of winning and success will increase many times over.

Betting tips from unknown matches to high-level sport competitions provides matches across the entire width on the betting tips page. So you will not only find the top matches of Liverpool, Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona or a tennis match between the largest in the world. You may also get an excellent betting tip from lesser-known clubs such as Walton & Hersham FC or FC Groningen from the Netherlands. The betting tipsters of don’t care, as long as the bet offers a lot of potential for a high odds and a successful outcome. Because that’s what it’s all about… Winning with betting! Of course, we always advise you to have an affinity with the match for a particular bet. Our tipsters are sometimes wrong, and it would be a shame if you saw through a different outcome in the preliminary stage. So always keep thinking for yourself when you use the betting tips and start betting with bookmakers.

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Placing a bet at a bookmaker is for most of us a lot of fun and can be done in literally seconds. Although finding the best and highest available odds is often a matter of research and a lot of hassle. You have to check many different bookmakers, which takes a lot of extra time before you can actually place your bet. Fortunately, has the solution. We offer a total listing of the best betting odds at all the safe and reviewed bookmakers shown on our website. You can see the highest available and best odds at the different bookmakers and quickly compare the differences. This way, you always get the highest possible profit when entering into a prediction with a bookmaker. And winning as much money as possible with your bet is ultimately what we are looking for.

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The people behind are big fans of sports betting themselves. Every day, the team scours the internet through the best bookmakers to find the best and highest betting odds available for sports betting. With our dedicated betting tips page, we give our visitors a look behind the scenes, and we provide free betting tips for the most diverse sports. Our ambition and main goal with this website is, therefore, to help you find a safe and reliable bookmaker and to share our analysis of the best sports bets. Of course, we never offer guarantees and predicting sports matches always remains a gamble that can end differently and to your disadvantage. You, therefore, place a bet as you wish and never let the betting tips guide you blindly. The betting tips are there purely as a bit of guidance when considering an option as a bet. Although our mission stays clear: Let's try to win together and beat the bookmakers! is a reliable website with professional betting tips listed for sports betting. Our betting tips are provided by sports betting specialists and tipsters, with daily forecasts and data analyzes provided specially for this website. Our tipsters have techniques that take into account statistics, in-depth data analysis, past results and noteworthy current affairs. Regardless of the sport or competition, our tipsters cover almost every market. You will get daily a wide selection of types of tips and betting predictions. Search our daily range of sports betting tips and enjoy the highest betting odds. Pick your bet of choice and try to go and win with the highest profit possible. Betting has never been so much fun!