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In the bookmaker comparison overview of you will find a very varied and extensive offer in top bookmakers for the European Union. Every bookmaker is different and comparing before placing a bet is advisable. Only this way you will find the best bookmaker for your bets!


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Compare the world’s best bookmakers for betting

Do you want to bet on sports? Choose a safe and licensed bookmaker. During the search, you will soon discover that the offer from bookmakers is enormous. That’s why there is always that one question: which bookmaker is the best place to create an account? The answer is different for everyone. The choice for an online bookmaker is very personal. You can only do one thing to find out which bookmaker platform works best for you: compare!

Every bookmaker is different

The world of bookmakers has many big, well-known names. Yet it would be best if you did not blindly rely on the name of that one betting office that advertises so much. There are quite a few differences, which means that one platform fits you better than the other. Of course, online bookmakers offer the same service. After all, they ensure that you can bet on sports matches from your own home. But they also all create their own identity. Many online bookmakers are active, so they have to distinguish themselves from the competition. Bookmakers do this with extra high odds, great bonus promotions, or for example, customer service that is available 24/7. It is these differences that make a choice for a bookmaker so personal.

Compare bookmakers: how do you do that?

There is no need to spend hours comparing bookmakers. With a few small tests, you are already a lot wiser. Your search for the perfect bookmaker starts with a visit to different platforms. Can you easily find your way on the bookmaker’s website? And how do you like the atmosphere? For example, there are plenty of gamblers who want to concentrate on their bets in peace and want as little distraction as possible from all kinds of advertising banners.

Bookmakers Money CupThe first impression is essential. Although, you have to look a little further to really know what the pros and cons of a bookmaker are. During your comparative research, pay attention to:

  • Have a look at the welcome bonuses and other promotions
  • The ease of use of the platform
  • What is the betting offer and how high are the odds
  • Limits and the level of the bets and odds
  • The mobile website or app
  • The accessibility of customer service

Make sure you know which points are most important to you. This way helps you to filter out the right bookmaker. You may even be lucky that the betting office offers the opportunity to place a free bet. It will allow you to try out the bookmaker platform without depositing money. Do you want to make the search even easier? The reviews on quickly give you a clear picture of what the different betting offices have to offer.

Immerse yourself in the bookmaker’s offer

Online bookmakers are known for their large selection. There are often around 20 to 30 different sports to choose from, including football, tennis, and darts. At first glance, it seems as if the offer is the same for all bookmakers. But are you sure that “your” betting office offers handicap bets, for example, at football? And how many betting options are there at the small competitions in Asia or Eastern Europe? If you like to bet on a less popular sport such as MMA or Golf, then it is essential to check how large the selection is.

Some bookmakers specialize in one sport. For example, some bookmakers only focus on football or only offer to bet on horse racing. Specialized bookmakers have many benefits for real fans. With such a bookmaker, there are mostly many more races and betting options to choose from. But on the other hand, if you want something different than horse racing, you are out of luck. So think about what you want to bet on beforehand. That way, you can look specifically for the bookmaker that suits you the best.

Don’t forget the importance of the customer service

Every online bookmaker employs customer service staff. In general, the employees are knowledgeable, friendly, and do everything to get you back to gambling as quickly as possible. Some bookmakers offer 24/7 customer service, but that does not apply to all of them. If you are a nightly gambler, it can lead to a delay if your bookmaker is no longer available after 9 p.m. Nothing is as annoying as missing a good bet because you don’t get a timely response from the customer service. Do you find good accessibility important? Be sure to look at different ways and options you have to contact the help desk.

Which bookmaker suits you the best?

In Europe, you have bookmakers for online betting in many shapes and sizes. It is, therefore, essential to choose a bookmaker that is as fitting as achievable for you. Read our extensive bookmaker reviews carefully for making the right choice for betting at a bookmaker.

Finding a suitable bookmaker is quite a job. The vast selection, in particular, makes it challenging to make the right choice. You want a bookmaker that suits you, but you don’t have time to try out all betting platforms extensively. That is not necessary, because we have already taken over that task from you. You can read our conclusions in the many bookmaker reviews on The online betting websites in our list are reliable, secure, and 100% legal. The choice is yours, which bookmaker suits you the best. Do you want high odds, easy-to-reach customer service, or would you prefer a massive amount of generous betting offers? Thanks to our reviews, you know what you can expect from the bookmakers!

Only reviews from licensed bookmakers in Europe

When we include a new bookmaker in our review list, we first check one thing: is the betting company in possession of an official license issued by a supervisor in Europe? A permit must also be an essential criterion for you. Without that license, it is only a matter of waiting to see if the bookmaker keeps his promises concerning payouts and privacy protection. You do want to be sure that your (financial) data is held in a safe place and that you receive the profit made. If that does not happen, you cannot fall back on anything with a bookmaker without a license.

What do you read in our reviews?

If a bookmaker is on our list of reviews, you immediately know that you are dealing with a legal betting company. But this only steps one. Because of our reviews, you get much more information that is useful and often indispensable. This way, we tell you more about the betting offer. For example, does a bookmaker pay extra attention to important football matches, or are there an astonishing number of options for horse racing or Formula 1? We tell you. We also critically examine the live betting section. You may find a bookmaker who offers a live stream, or you may have to deal with the current statistics or graphical representation of the match. Handy to know before you create an account.

The user-friendliness of the platform is just as important. And what about mobile betting? Some bookmakers simply work with a mobile version of the platform, while others have created a separate app. If you bet a lot on your mobile, it may well be that you prefer a bookmaker with your app. It’s often more stable than a mobile website, and you also get useful notifications about the competitions via the app. In our reviews, we also include the accessibility of customer service. And of course, the odds cannot be missing. You immediately discover whether you are dealing with a bookmaker who often bets high or that you will never make a significant profit on the betting platform. The odds can be a reason for whether or not to opt for a particular bookmaker.

FAQs about Bookmakers Comparing

Yes, it is a great thing to do! Every bookmaker is different and has its unique range of bets and betting options. A bookmaker may have a focus on football betting, with another bookmaker has the focus mainly on horse betting. Also, the variety of bonuses and other promotions can affect your decision! So it certainly makes sense to compare bookmakers! Bookmakers are very different from each other, and the preference is different for each player. Through our comparison overview and extensive reviews, you will quickly find out which European bookmaker is best for you.

Comparing bookmakers naturally gives you a favorite pick. But you don't always have to choose. It is a good idea to create an account with multiple bookmakers. Choose two or three betting offices that appeal to you and make sure you have a player account with sufficient balance. This way, you always benefit from the best bonus promotions and, of course, the best odds.

It is impossible to say which of the many bookmakers is the best. The most important thing is that you choose a betting office that fits your needs. Do not only look at the bonus promotions, odds, and the offer. You must check whether the bookmaker has the correct permits. A license from the official European gambling authorities assures you that you can deposit money securely and that no-one can access your personal information without being asked. Moreover, the Gaming Authority always keeps an eye on things to check whether the bookmaker continues to meet the strict requirements. As impressive as a bookmaker may seem, without the right license, you better look for a different platform. On, you can only find bookmakers with a European license. That way, you always play safely under European supervision.

We endeavor to be as transparent as possible of the bookmakers on our website. Through our extensive bookmaker reviews, we thoroughly examine every bookmaker, so that there will be a clear picture of the bookmaker you like to choose. We try to review every betting site with honest and relevant information as extensively as possible. It will hopefully give you a quick and accurate idea of ​​which bookmaker to choose for your future bets.