Bet-at-home brings a good range of gambling and sports betting options to your living room. has a European license and offers a reliable betting offer. Read more about sports betting at this bookmaker in our Bet-at-home review.

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Bet-at-home review

“Life is a game”, is the motto of Bet-at-home. And they take this very seriously. The bookmaker wants everyone to be able to enjoy everything the gambling world has to offer from his or her own home. The name Bet-at-home is, therefore, very well chosen. The gambling company is best known for its extensive range of sports betting and casino games. Bet-at-home has a goal to become the biggest online bookmaker in Europe eventually. But does Bet-at-home also have this in it as online bookmaker? will find it out for you!

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Meet bookmaker Bet-at-home

In 1999, Jochen Dickinger and Franz Ömer came up with the idea of ​​starting a gambling company. Within a few months of its inception, the website was already online, and bettors were able to place the first bets. In the beginning, the bookmaker only focused on sports betting. The love for sports is still very much present. Bet-at-home, for example, is a sponsor of Schalke 04, Hertha BSC and FK Austria Wien. But the ambition went further than just sports. Since 2008, the gambling company has therefore been offering a platform complete with an online casino, poker room and live gambling.

Official Licenses for Online Sports Betting

The origin of Bet-at-home lies in the Austrian town of Wels. Today, however, the headquarters is located in Düsseldorf, Germany. Also, there are offices in Gibraltar and Malta, as almost all significant bookmakers have.

Bet-at-home is officially licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). In recent years, licenses been added from the Italian games of chance authority AAMS, the British Gambling Commission (GC) and there is an official license for Ireland. It shows that you can gamble safely at Bet-at-home. That is also done en masse. Worldwide there are more than 4 million people who regularly place their bets at Bet-at-home. And that number will only increase in the future.

Plenty of betting options at Bet-at-home

The Bet-at-home sportsbook offers numerous sports betting options. Attention mostly paid to tennis, horse racing, ice hockey, darts and cycling. There is also room for smaller sports, including netball, Australian football, ski jumping or cricket. In that wide range, there is, of course, one sport that stands out in terms of the number of matches and betting options: football.

Anyone who selects a football match at Bet-at-home immediately comes across a long list of bets. Some options are:

● Which team will score the most in the second half?
● What is the score at the end of the first half?
● In which half is the highest score?
● Will the home team win at least one half?
● Which player will score in regular time?

Novice gamblers often opt for a single bet. So they bet on a single match at a time. Nevertheless, it is certainly impressive for the more advanced player to place a multi bet. Because you have to get the results of several matches right, the odds are also higher. Other standard options include handicap, double chance and under/over betting. And it’s all possible at Bet-at-home.

Live betting on football and more

Do you like to bet live on sports? Then at Bet-at-home, you have enough games and types of bets to choose. The bookmaker follows live football matches from the Spanish Primera División, the German Bundesliga, the Swiss Super League and our own Eredivisie. But actually, all major (and some smaller) sports competitions can be found in the Bet-at-home offer. The bookmaker does not only have football matches that you can bet on live. Bet-at-home also has an excellent offer for fans of tennis, rugby, basketball, motorcycle racing or other popular sports. Part of these matches can be followed immediately live via the video connection. If you want to use this, you must, of course, be logged in.

Bet-at-home has everything well organized for live betting. You can see at a glance which matches are in progress, how many minutes have passed and what the current score is. What is very handy is that all football matches are grouped per league. It saves a lot of searching if many duels are played simultaneously. In every live duel, you can choose from different bets, which they vary per match. So take the time to look around before you place a bet. Bet-at-home also indicates how high the odds are at that moment with every sports bet. And if something changes, the figures are immediately adjusted. This way, you can make an informed decision. Would you like more information about the clubs before you bet? Statistics are available for all competitions so that you can see precisely how teams have performed in the past and which players score the most. This information will help you to make a reasonable estimate of the match.

Bet-at-home bonuses and promotional codes

With Bet-at-home, you do not have to expect an excessive welcome bonus. There is a bonus for new players, but it is a lot lower than with many other bookmakers.

A 100% deposit bonus is prevalent in the gambling world. Bet-at-home, on the other hand, comes with a 50% bonus up to a maximum of 50 euros. To cash out the money, you have to wager both the deposit and the bonus amount four times. With a deposit of 100 euros, you have to place bets for 600. And that within 90 days. Only sports bets with odds of 1.70 or higher count. So for many gamblers, it becomes quite a job to get this done.

All kinds of exciting promotions offset the disappointing welcome bonus. The special promotion page lists extra bonuses for the casino and sports betting. And the offer changes regularly here. For example, you may benefit from a 0: 0 cashback bonus. Are you betting money on one of the pre-selected matches and are you not scoring? Then you will get the amount back from the bookmaker. Another attractive bet-at-home promotion is the ‘winner of the day’. Every day a player is chosen by a lottery which can win the money pot. All this person has to do is log in. If the relevant player has not logged in before midnight, the jackpot will increase by 50 euros. These kinds of bonus promotions ensure that gamblers like to come back to bet-at-home.

How suitable is Bet-at-home for the recreational gambler?

Bet-at-home is excellent for beginner and recreational gamblers. The emphasis with this bookmaker is on a low minimum bet and a low minimum deposit amount. For most payment methods, a minimum deposit amount of 10 euros applies. Do you use a Paysafecard? Then you can top up your balance with amounts from 5 euros. If you bet in euros, the minimum bet is 50 cents. And that makes Bet-at-home very accessible to the smaller gambler.

And what about Bet-at-home for the professional gambler?

A professional gambler has different requirements than the small recreational bettor. A bookmaker needs to have high odds and high betting limits. Bet-at-home may not be the best choice for the professional. Compared to the competition, the odds are on the low side. It makes it difficult to make a real profit in the long term. But does Bet-at-home have nothing to offer the professional gambler at all? Well, we certainly won’t claim that because it is a big plus that this bookmaker uses high limits. For example, you can already win amounts up to 20,000 euros with a single bet. It is up to you to decide whether Bet-at-home makes up for the low odds and limited bet offer.

What about the payout at Bet-at-home?

Requesting a payout with this bookmaker is quick and straightforward. You need to login, and the option will already appear on the menu. You also decide yourself which way you want to receive the money. Payouts via e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller and PayPal are executed instantly. If you’d like to have the money deposited into your credit card or bank account, it will take up to three business days for your request to be processed by the bookmaker.

Processing speed is certainly not the only thing to consider when selecting a method. Bet-at-home also uses different minimum payout amounts. At Skrill and Neteller you can already have the profit paid out if you have saved 10 euros together. With PayPal, the minimum amount is 50 euros, and with credit cards, this is even 100 euros. On the other hand, transfers to credit cards and PayPal are always free. Most other methods have a limit of two or three free payouts per month. After that, the transaction costs are for your account.

Betting anytime, anywhere with the Bet-at-home mobile app

We already talked about the mission Bet-at-home has set itself. And that is that everyone should be able to enjoy what the gambling world has to offer from his or her own home. But that mission is somewhat outdated. Because you also want to take a gamble when you are on the train to work or if you have to wait for your appointment.

Bet-at-home responds well to this. A special app was developed for the mobile user a few years ago. Here you can place bets, claim bonuses, request a payout and follow live matches. In short: everything that is possible via the regular website can also be done with the app. The Bet-at-home app can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices. A Windows app is not yet available, but fortunately, the bookmaker has a good alternative. The mobile website works fine so that you can bet money on your favourite match quickly and easily.

Customer service with a professional image

Bet-at-home mainly focuses on recreational gambler. And those who don’t gamble a lot or who are just starting their first bet will soon have several questions. Fortunately, bet-at-home has a pervasive and apparent helpdesk page.

The contact page offers several options. Via separate tabs, you can ask a question, pass on the point of criticism or report a technical problem. This way, you can be sure that your message will reach the right department. It is also possible to go directly to the FAQ page. All kinds of questions are covered here, for example, about bonuses, payouts, types of bets and the mobile app. Is your question not answered here? Then you can of course always contact us by telephone, e-mail or live chat. Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The professionalism and easy accessibility make bet-at-home a truly customer-friendly bookmaker.

Follow Bet-at-home on social media

Successful gamblers are not guided by their gut. They have extensive knowledge of the sports world, and they know all the ins and outs of online gambling. Bet-at-home ensures that you do not have to browse the internet yourself if you are looking for useful information. Because the bookmaker likes to keep you informed of everything that is going on in the sports and gambling world via social media, you can do this on Facebook, Twitter and the Bet-at-home YouTube channel.

How does Bet-at-home compare to other bookmakers?

Bet-at-home is a bookmaker with a very reliable reputation. Few complaints are known from players who do not receive their money on time. And if there are any problems, they are dealt with quickly and professionally by the bookmaker. Other plus points are the extensive range of sports betting, the low minimum deposit amount and the good mobile app. In these areas, Bet-at-home can undoubtedly compete with other bookmakers. Yet there are also plenty of points that can be improved. Thus, the welcome bonus is already a significant setback. Also, it is mainly the low odds that stand out negatively. This may not matter to the recreational gambler, but for professional bettors, this is an excellent reason to choose another bookmaker.

FAQs about Bet-at-home

Bet-at-home has a profit limit of € 20,000 per bet and a limit of € 100,000 winnings per participant, per week. Usually not a problem for recreational bettors, but for professional bettors who bet thousands of euros per bet, Bet-at-home as a bookmaker can pose limitations.

Bet-at-home has a European license issued by the Malta Gambling Authority (MGA) and therefore offers a legal offer in sports betting for the European market. Bet-at-home also has a permit in as-yet unregulated sports betting market in Germany, where in addition to the European license the company also has a commitment and access for offering sports betting.

See for yourself what bookmaker Bet-at-home all got to offer in betting online.

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