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Darts is such a sport that you have to learn to appreciate it. If you have never immersed yourself in this sport, you easily get stuck in the eternal pub image. Throw a little darts with a beer in hand, who hasn’t done that? However, you should not underestimate professional darts. The darters have to come from far to go home with the big darts prizes eventually. The pressure is enormous when they take the stage, especially when it comes to a large tournament such as the World Grand Prix or The Masters. To win the title, each arrow must be thrown into the appropriate square with precision. That requires supreme concentration and lightning-fast calculations. The darts players are certainly not the only ones who are fully focused on that one dartboard on stage. At the big matches and tournaments, the rooms are often filled with thousands of spectators, and the atmosphere is pleasant. For that reason alone, you should definitely bet on darts.

Are you completely familiar with the rules of the dart game?

Betting on darts starts with knowing the rules. In principle, this sport is a battle of man against man (or, of course, woman against woman). There is one opponent, and only if defeated can the winner advance to the next round of the tournament. A new opponent and a new match awaits there.
The rules of the darts are very simple. What makes it complicated is all the math. Darts competition is all about winning sets. Whoever has written three, four, or five sets to his name first (the exact number of differences per tournament) wins the match. To win a set, a darts player must first win multiple legs. In such a leg, the darters usually start with 501 points, although there are also matches where the game begins with 301 or 701 points. The darts player must bring the number of points to zero as quickly as possible. The more points per turn, the faster this goes. It is not for nothing that the triple twenties are received with cheers by the audience. But a darts player cannot aim at the triple twenty without thinking. There will be a point that the fast calculation takes over. Because to throw out the leg, the darts player must follow one important rule: the last throw must be a double. That is also the reason why precision and calculations are at the core of the darts sport. If an arrow lands in the wrong box, the darts player must again determine which last throws are needed. And let’s hope that that the opponent will not benefit from that one miss and still win the leg.

A sport with a surprising amount of spectacle

A simple summary of the rules may not immediately entice you to bet. Still, the darts are more exciting and spectacular than you may think. It starts as soon as the players enter the room and are presented to the public. Darters will do everything to make an unforgettable entrance. The smoke machine turns on, the music goes on at full volume, and the announcer on stage announces the two darts stars of the evening. The announcer has an essential role in darts anyway. He is there to whip up the audience, for example, when a player throws an impressive “one hundred and eightyyy!” It gives the darts a kind of show element, although the three arrows, the two players, and that one dartboard remain the most critical elements of the game.

When betting on darts, you often watch it game by game. One bad night can cause a major player to be eliminated from the tournament and the odds on the top prize to be lost. Situations like this happen even with the well-known big star darters. In 2020, Michael van Gerwen was already eliminated as the number one in the world in the first round of The Masters. “Mighty Mike” never came into his game, and he missed the necessary throws. The British Jonny Clayton went to many surprises with the victory. This match would undoubtedly have saved you a lot of money if you had bet on a win for Clayton. However, these types of competitions are a reasonable exception. So be careful if you want to bet on the underdog.

Betting on tournaments of the PDC and BDO

The dart world is divided into two major federations, the PDC and BDO. Both unions organize their own competitions. This will also mean that only members who are affiliated with the particular darts union may participate in the tournament concerned. So take a good look at who the competitors are before you bet on the winner of such a tournament.

When we compare these two darts associations, the Professional Darts Corporation is highly regarded. Top players like Michael van Gerwen, Peter Wright, Rob Cross, and James Wade all play for the PDC. And they earn a lot of money with that. When it comes to prize money, the darts have far surpassed its image as a pub sport. Winning the final in the PDC World Darts Championship delivers half a million British pounds. Also, there is often an extra bonus available for every 9-darter or the player with the highest throw. The bookmakers naturally respond to this. They offer different bets where you focus on all facets of darts. Bet your money on the winner of the match or the entire tournament. Or go for a higher / lower bet on the number of 180’s or 9 darts players. Is there a real title candidate facing a player who is just entering into the darts game? Then go for a handicap bet. It is interesting to see if that absolute favorite still wins when his opponent starts the game with a virtual lead. So there are plenty of bets that make a tournament like The Masters, the Premier League Darts, the BDO World Trophy, the World Grand Prix, or the Grand Slam of Darts extra exciting. Learn about the players, their qualities, and the tournament schedule, and betting on darts can begin.