Redbet has been around for more than 15 years as an online betting company. Redbet has increasingly focused on sports betting. Like to know more about Redbet? Find out everything in our review.

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Redbet review

Redbet may not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of a bookmaker. Yet this gambling company has been around for 15 years. The platform went online in 2004, and since then, you can go there for casino games and sports betting. All popular sports and types of bets are present. Moreover, the odds are excellent. Redbet may not be a real outlier, but this bookmaker still manages his business well.

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A user-friendly website without too much adornment

The first introduction is critical. They seem to understand that well at Redbet. When you come to the site, you will immediately be captivated by the images of cheering sports fans, boxers preparing for the duel, rugby players who are focused on the field, and football players who play a match. In between, you see a spinning roulette wheel, and slowly the winning symbols of a slot machine appear on the screen. You have to be here for all your sports bets and casino games.

Redbet has created a website that is stylish and yet well-arranged. Apart from the black and white images on the homepage, you see a few photos, banners, and other things that can distract you. The bookmaker focuses purely on what matters: the various bets and games. With headlines such as sports, live betting, casino, live casino, and poker you are immediately directed to the right part of the platform. The sportsbook has a logical layout, with all sports and competitions on the left, a list of popular competitions in the middle, and your betting slip on the far right. Because many bookmakers use this format, you can effortlessly find your way at Redbet. That is essential if you want to place a bet at the last minute.

Redbet sports betting

A real specialist in sports betting

With more than 60,000 sports competitions per month, you will never get bored at Redbet. The bookmaker really has something for everyone. There are around 30 sports to choose from, including football, rugby, tennis, MMA, basketball and car racing. Football fans can look forward to competitions from around the world. Of course, the matches from real football countries such as England, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, and the Netherlands are well represented. In addition, there is also plenty of room for major tournaments such as the World Cup and the Champions League.

In the most prestigious competitions, there are sometimes more than 100 different betting options to choose from. From the number of goals or corners in the first half to 3-Way Handicap and Asian Handicap: everything is there. Are you planning to place a bet on a sports game from a smaller competition? Then keep in mind that your betting options are much more limited.

Live betting on your favorite team

In addition to the many pre-match bets, Redbet has a wide range of live bets. Here too, the long lists of betting options stand out. In terms of offerings, Redbet can easily compete with the biggest names in the gambling world. Unfortunately, the live stream is missing, so you have to rely on the graphics. Perhaps that is one of the main reasons why Redbet is not yet among the top.

Redbet is a bookmaker with average odds

When choosing a bet, you first check whether a match interests you. If you are a fan of Spanish football, you probably prefer to go for a duel from the Primera Division. Wise, because this is undoubtedly the league you know most about. Of course, you will also be guided by the odds in the final decision for a bet. After all, high odds guarantee a high potential profit. Redbet’s odds are fairly in line with those of other bookmakers. These are fine results as overall average odds, although Redbet is, unfortunately, rarely at the top of the market. Those who go for the highest odds will also need an account with a few other bookmakers.

These are the betting limits at Redbet

Redbet is a bookmaker that likes to please every gambler. Do you have a small budget, but still want to bet money on football or one of the other sports? From € 0.10 you can already place a bet with Redbet. With these kinds of low bets, you will most likely only make a small profit. However, the tension is no less. If you are a big-money gambler, then you need a high limit bookmaker. Again Redbet is not a real outlier. But that does not mean that the more professional gamblers should miss this bookmaker. A daily limit of € 50,000 is certainly not bad.

Redbet betting site review

Deposits and withdrawals

For money matters, you can rely on Redbet on some well-known payment methods, such as credit cards and e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller. The list has fewer payment options than many other bookmakers. For example, payments with PayPal are not possible. Fortunately, at Redbet, you can be confident that all payments will be made via a secure connection.

Another big plus is that with Redbet, you don’t pay a surcharge on your payouts. Even if you want to have your winnings paid out weekly, you don’t pay anything extra. With minimum deposits of €10 and minimum payouts of €20, Redbet is also very accessible. What else do you want?

Redbet customer service

The world of online sports betting continues 24 hours a day. There is always a sports game or competition somewhere in the world that is about to start. Many bookmakers, therefore, choose to run there customer service 24/7. If you expect Redbet to offer this 24-hour service, you will be disappointed. The help desk can only be reached between 9 a.m. and 1 a.m. During those hours, you can start a conversation via live chat or telephone (+44 203 868 5810). Is your question in no hurry, or has customer service been closed? In that case, you can always send an e-mail to [email protected]. E-mails are usually answered within 24 hours by the expert and friendly help desk staff. At that moment, Redbet shows its best side again.

FAQs about Redbet

Redbet has more than 15 years of experience in offering sports betting online. Redbet has a European license and thus legally offers sports betting. Besides, Redbet is part of William Hill Group, a company that has a top reputation for online gambling for many years.

Redbet does not have any limits for payout to your private account. Also, no extra fees are charged for payment. So any winnings with a bet won can be paid out in its entirety and at will.

See for yourself what bookmaker Redbet all got to offer in betting online.

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