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American Football is one of the largest and most popular sports globally, especially in the United States. The NFL American Football league is also popular for betting with bookmakers. In Europe, there is increasing interest in NFL American Football. So, are you interested in NFL betting? Here you can read all about the NFL betting options.

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NFL Betting | American Football

American football, isn’t that just football on the other side of the Atlantic? No, definitely not! In the United States, football, as we know it in Europe, is called “soccer”, and American football, or “football”, is the number one national sport. Therefore, it is not surprising that betting on American football is a multi-billion dollar industry in the US and is also very popular outside the country. explains all the ins and outs about American football and all the betting options this sport offers. You will learn all about the different American Football leagues and all possible betting options. We will give a special focus on the available NFL betting odds and option at the bookmakers. Also we will provide a wide spread NFL betting guide and of course, all you need to know about betting on the Super Bowl.

History of American Football

In the 19th century, primitive rugby football became what was called “Mob ball” in England. This game is descended from traditional ball games that were played in the schoolyard.

At Yale University, Walter Camp introduced such significant changes to rugby that football was born out of. The game rules became more and more refined until they were formally established at the national level. After this, the games began between the different colleges, now known as NCAA.

After World War II, football broadcasts became increasingly popular, giving players and teams legendary status. There were two different branches of football; The National Football League and the American Football League. These were eventually merged and is now an organization; the NFL.

Today, American football’s roots are deep in American culture. A lot has changed in American football in the past few decades. Think of the round ball that has been replaced by a long ball. And much more use is made of protective clothing.

What is American Football?

American Football is a contact sport, which is played between 2 teams of 11 players. The players can be substituted unlimited during the match; a team, therefore, consists of 46 players. The game is played on a field that is 110 meters long and 49 meters wide.
The end zones are located on both sides of the field (on the short side). The goal lines are 91 meters apart, so there is an end zone of 19 meters on both sides. At the end of the end zones, there are two goalposts of about 5.6 meters high. The goalposts have a crossbar at the height of 3 meters.

Of course, the intention is to score points. This can be done in two ways. A touchdown is worth 6 points and is achieved if the attacking team manages to get the ball into the opponent’s end zone. A field goal scores 3 points. This score is made by shooting the ball (from the field) between the goalposts and over the crossbar. A match consists of 4 times 15 minutes of playing time.

The National Football League (NFL)

The NFL is the professional league of American Football in the USA. This means that all players are paid well. The level is very high, comparable to the soccer leagues Bundesliga in Germany or the Premier League in the United Kingdom. It is the most popular sport in the US. This makes it the most visited sport globally, with an average of 70,000 visitors per game. Most bets, therefore, relate to the NFL.

The NFL is made up of two different conferences, each of which consists of 16 teams. These two conferences are the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). Both conferences are divided into four divisions, each of which has a division winner. The four division winners plus two selected teams compete against each other in the playoffs (in the two conferences). In the end, you have a team that wins the NFC, and that wins in the AFC. These two winners then compete in the Super Bowl, the most giant American Football spectacle in the world!

Looking at American Football betting, you will mainly find NFL bets at the bookmakers. NFL is the largest league, with the most fans and supporters, making the interest in NFL betting options the greatest among online betting sites.

AAF: Alliance of American Football 

In 2019, America was just a league richer when it comes to American Football. The Alliance of American Football started the first season less than a week after the Super Bowl was played and is therefore out of sync with the NFL season.

The AAF was founded by Charlie Ebersol (television and film producer and director) and Bill Polian (American Football manager). This league consisted of 8 centrally managed teams in two leagues: Eastern Conference and Western Conference.

The money went fast in the first season. So hard that Ebersol quickly sold a majority of its shares to billionaire Tim Dundon.

Another game was played on March 31, 2019. Three days later, Dundon had already invested $ 70 million in the project, and apparently, that was enough for him. He pulled the plug on his contributions to the AAF, and it took less than a week for the league to file for bankruptcy. After this, the new AAC football competition had abruptly come to an end.

Other sports are sometimes entirely absent from bookmakers. You can easily find American Football bets at well-known online gambling providers. So fear not, because in Europe, almost all well-known bookmakers – or let’s say all bookmakers on our website – offer a wide range of American Football with NFL betting options.

Which bookmakers offer bets on American Football?

Other sports are sometimes entirely absent from bookmakers. You can easily find American Football bets at well-known online gambling providers. So fear not, because, in Europe, almost all well-known bookmakers offer American Football. Nearly all bookmakers on our website provide a wide range of American Football betting options with the main focus on NFL betting.

With American Football betting, you can, of course, bet on the outcome of individual matches. And that also applies to games that are not immediately played that week. You can also predict the Superbowl winner all over the year. The CFL (the Canadian League) is also included in the predictions. The college teams within the NCAA are also not forgotten.

Most common betting types with American Football

American Football offers many different betting options. We have outlined the most popular bet types below. This gives you an overview of which betting options you have as a gambler. The different bet types in American Football bets may differ from each other in terms of difficulty.

✓ Moneyline

In American Football betting, the most commonly used bet type is “Moneyline”. This sounds like a whole new bet type, although this is a different name for a 1×2 bet. It is wise to look at the historical data of the players, teams and the other seasons. You can use these statistics to make a good decision for a successful 1×2 bet.

✓ Over / Under

Because there is so much to score in football, an over/under bet is probably the most fun bet type to choose. Many bettors warn other bettors against “under” because you are hoping for a boring match. But if you see value in it, then you should definitely use it. So keep in mind a high number of points per team.

Like all scoring sports, it’s wise to look at the statistics for the number of goals scored and the previous game results against the same team. You can also delve into the number of goals scored by the running backs and receivers because their job is to score. And of course, don’t forget to take into account possible injuries and conflicts.

✓ Parlays

The top two bet types dominate the market, and parlays are just a combination of these 2. For example, you can predict that Green Bay will beat Jacksonville by more than 50 goals.

✓ Scorers

In many popular football matches, it is possible to bet on which team will score first, which team will score 10 points first, which players will score or score first. For this, it is essential to check the line-up of each team. If you are going to bet live on American Football, you can let your bet depend on which team will attack first. Once this is known, the odds are, of course, less attractive.


As with other sports, you can use the handicap to give one team a virtual lead or behind. Using a handicap can cause the odds to be higher than you would like. The reason behind this is, of course, the virtual lead or backlog. You can use these in different ways. First of all, you can choose to give a team a virtual backlog, with which you bet that this team will still win. In addition, you can also give another team a virtual lead, predicting that the team will win. This can be with or without the disability.

Betting tips for American Football and NFL betting

There are many different ways to approach an American football bet. We have outlined several betting tips that may be of interest when considering an American Football bet and, for example, placing a prediction on the NFL with a bookmaker. Below is a shortlist of American Football tips that you can use right away to predict NFL bets! Nevertheless, these are certainly not the only tips that has in store for you. You will regularly find extensive betting tips for sports like American football. For example, you can find a huge list of profitable NFL betting tips in our reports under strategies.

Betting on home advantage in American Football!

The home or advantage is vital in American football. The popularity of the sport in America ensures that the stadiums are almost always full. This gives the home team an advantage. Of the 16 games played in the 2020/2021 season, they only managed to win 1 when they played away. No fewer than 7 games were lost. If she played at home, they managed to win 3 and draw 1. These statistics are a lot better.

Of course, it is not the case that all teams that play at home perform better. The Lions in the NFL North won at home only once, while they won no less than 4 times. Therefore, look at the specific statistics per team and analyze what you can benefit from.

Bet on the different competitions with American Football

Another tip we want to give you is to look at the different football leagues in America. The NFL is divided into four various “Conferences”. It is the case with National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. These are both divided into four regions: north, east, south, west.

You can use these different American Football competitions to place your bets. If we look at the competitions in American Football, the differences in some competitions are substantial. In contrast with others, it is minimal.

✓ Bet on American Football star player Tom Brady

Tom Brady is currently the big star of the NFL. Tom Brady is the first NFL player to win the title seven times with his team. In fact, he managed to win more NFL titles than any other team in the NFL. A unique achievement by a great player. So, to place a bet on Tom Brady is an excellent tip. The quarterback’s team performs well in the league by default. And Tom Brady is far from done. He has indicated that he also wants to go for his eighth title! In addition to winning his team, he was also named the most valuable player in the American Football NFL league this season. By keeping a close eye on the results of Tom Brady’s team, you can regularly place excellent profitable bets in the NFL with the bookmakers selected on this site.

✓ Take advantage of live betting

In American Football, live bets are a great way to make big bucks with a potentially winning bet. This is because the NFL often has minor differences at the end of the game. As a result, a match can quickly fall the other way at the end. This is due to the high number of points that can be scored. The advantage of being right in the middle of the match and having the choice to place a live bet within split seconds offers a massive chance of winning. Take advantage of this with American Football and investigate whether this is a bet type that lies and can make you profitable at the online bookmaker.

Super Bowl betting – Win big money with American Football’s sensational yearly event

The event that the entire American football world is looking forward to is the Super Bowl. This is the big game that will determine who is the best team in the USA! The winners of the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference play against each other after a fantastic season full of excitement. The Super Bowl winner will win the Vince Lombardi Trophy. It is a beautiful evening full of entertainment, and people look forward to it all year round. This is reflected in the viewing figures. On average, 111.5 million people watch the Super Bowl.

Due to this immense popularity, you can, of course, imagine a lot of betting is taking place in the Super Bowl. Many people are placing bets on the Super Bowl event, and the Super Bowl betting offer is enormous. You can bet on Super Bowl with many statistics and therefore earn very well. Many playful bets make watching the Super Bowl even more fun and sometimes very (!) profitable by winning these bets.

Predict your favourites for the Super Bowl 

There are some big favourites for the Super Bowl overall every year. For these predictions, there is always a lot of interest in Super Bowl betting on the bookmakers betting sites. The bookmakers often have interesting Super Bowl bets ready for the upcoming Super Bowl event. They often give the highest odds for Super Bowl betting on, for example, the prediction of the winner of the upcoming Super Bowl game. 

Which team will be the next Super Bowl winner? has a wide selection of available bookmakers ready for you where you can bet on the NFL and other leagues in American Football. The bookmakers often offer a vast range of bets for the Super Bowl. This is because the Super Bowl is the most remarkable event in the NFL sports league. And even if the Super Bowl takes a while and we are still at the beginning of the American Football season, you can still bet on this event. Or what do you think of placing an exciting bet on NFL Draft? The event where all NFL teams are putting the strongest formation together with players that got the most potential. The NFL Draft event is also available with hundreds of bets at most of the online bookmakers. You can bet on the biggest contenders during the American Football season and predict on the bookmakers betting sites who will eventually qualify for this super event. These bets can earn you good money, especially at the beginning of the season!