Unibet is one of the most famous European bookmakers in the sports betting market. Unibet is an award-winning bookmaker and known for its user-friendliness, high odds, and many unique and exciting bets!

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Unibet review

Unibet is perhaps the most popular bookmaker in Europe. The originally Swedish company offers bets for the entire European market. Unibet has many different languages ​​available on its website. The bookmaker has built up since there start a fantastic number of sports betting enthusiasts in Europe. And they all praise the professionalism with which Unibet works. Because of the user-friendliness of the website and accessible customer service, every gambler feels welcome at Unibet.

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Unibet: a bookmaker with clear objectives

The story of Unibet starts in 1997, when founder Anders Ström decides to share his knowledge of sports betting with other enthusiasts. Unibet had to become a platform with the right combination of bets and useful information. Because you need statistics and the like to make the correct prediction. From this basic idea, Unibet has set itself several goals:

  • Setting up a user-friendly platform on which gamblers can place a bet anywhere, anytime.
  • Offering a large number of bets so that there is enough to choose for every sports fan.
  • Assist with friendly, professional customer service.
  • Unibet constantly renewing, so that betting on football always remains interesting.
  • They are sharing knowledge and information to help gamblers make a successful bet.

These ambitions are beautiful, but does Unibet also live up to everything? If you look at the prizes, the bookmaker has won in recent years. You can hardly doubt that. With titles such as “In-Play Sports Operator of the Year”, “Sports Betting Operator of the Year” and “Socially Responsible Operator of the Year”, Unibet’s prize cabinet is well stocked.

Unibet review mobile betting

Betting in the user-friendly Unibet environment

As soon as you come to the website of online bookmaker Unibet.be, you immediately feel like taking a chance. The design of the site brings you in the right atmosphere, primarily through the beautiful action photos from the sports fields. Thanks to the recognizable colors (green, black, and white), you can immediately see that you have arrived at Unibet. The bookmaker proves that beautiful design does not have to be at the expense of user-friendliness. The website is apparent, and every visitor can easily navigate through the different menus.

When you visit the Unibet platform for the first time, take the time to study the layout of the sportsbook. The bookmaker shows a lot of (useful) information on the homepage. This way, you can see at a glance which matches are going live or which will start soon. Also, important tournaments and competitions, such as the Champions League and Europa League, are given extra attention by this bookmaker. Do you already know what you want to place a bet on? With the handy search function, you will arrive directly at the right match or competition. However, it can certainly be interesting just to be surprised by the sports games that the bookmaker highlights. New players can of course create an account for free at Unibet. Via the registration button, you can quickly create your player account, and from that moment, you can focus on all those beautiful football matches that are on the program.

Mobile betting at Unibet

The time when players only wanted to bet on sports at home behind the computer is now over. Because even if you are dependent on your tablet or mobile, you sometimes feel like placing a bet. And that can be done without problems at Unibet. If you surf to the Unibet mobile website with your phone or tablet, you will hardly notice a difference with the “normal” site. You navigate easily through the pages, and it is immediately possible to bet on the popular sports.

In addition to the regular mobile website, the bookmaker has launched its Unibet app. Through the app, you can bet both live and pre-match, and more than 10,000 sports matches can be followed every year via the live stream. So you don’t have to miss anything when you are outdoors. Also handy: Unibet keeps you informed of the matches you have selected via notifications. And of course, the app is completely safe so you can bet without worry. The Unibet app is suitable for all Apple and Android devices, although you will not find the app in the Google Play Store. For Android users, instructions are available on the Unibet website to get the app on the phone.

Unibet is a bookmaker with a huge betting offer

A user-friendly website and app is of course very helpful if you want to bet on sports. Still, you have little if the supply is disappointing. So it’s high time to take a look at all the bets Unibet has to offer.

Just like other significant bookmakers, Unibet has made a useful distinction between pre-match and live betting. This way, you can quickly decide whether you want immediate action or if you prefer to prepare in peace for a pre-match bet. Unibet is a bookmaker with a huge selection in bets, and that is an important reason why so many people take a chance. For example, football bettors can choose from around 35 different competitions. And there are tournaments like the Europa League, FIFA World Cup, and the Africa Cup. So don’t be surprised if you can choose from more than 70,000 different sports bets on an average weekday.

Have you had enough of all that betting on the popular and better-known sports competitions? Unibet Always has an exciting bet on the list of more than 30 sports. Maybe you can make a profit with a game of tennis, ice hockey, beach volleyball or rugby. Even small sports such as netball, chess, and wrestling have found a place with this bookmaker. To make betting easier, Unibet has all kinds of bet guides, statistics, and a blog with current sports news on the platform. This way, you can prepare well, even if you have never bet on a particular sport.

Unibet Sports Betting site

Depositing and withdrawal money

Depositing money and having it paid out is an essential part of online gambling. The moment you want to deposit money into your Unibet account, you have many choices. You can, for example, pay via Credit Card, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, and Paysafecard. With these payment options, the money is added to your account almost immediately. At Unibet, it is also possible to pay by bank transfer, but in that case, it will take a few days before the money is available. Do you want to have the profit withdrawn into your bank account? Once you have saved at least 15 euros together, you will have the option to request a payout. There are no separate costs involved with Unibet.

Unibet also offers the possibility to manage your maximum deposit limits yourself. The limit is set at 500 euros per week by default, but you can easily adjust the limit (day, week, or month) in your account. This way, you build in extra protection and stay control in any situation so that you never spend more money than you can miss.

Safe and responsible online gambling

Unibet is a renowned and professional betting office. Moreover, it meets the strict requirements of the European regulators. That has its advantages. This way, you can be sure, for example, that your personal and financial data will collect and stored via a secure connection. So you can be confident that you will bet safely and responsibly at your favorite sports competitions at Unibet.

Online gambling on sports is a great hobby. But the danger of gambling addiction is always lurking. In that respect, Unibet certainly takes its responsibility. On the website, you can find a lot of information about gambling addiction. When addiction develops, it is even possible to contact the Unibet customer service. The employees have followed specialized training so that they can provide you with advice immediately.

Unibet customer service and Unibet community

At Unibet, customer-friendliness is supreme, which you can see in the helpful and professional customer service of this bookmaker. The international live chat is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Would you like to be able to consult in your language? That is also no problem at Unibet. Multilingual help desk staff are available every day between 10:00 am and midnight. The live chat from Unibet works fast, but it is a bit of a search before you get there. That the bookmaker has put a video online to guide you to the chat on their website says a lot. For a chat conversation, first, go to the help page. If you then click on one of the questions asked, you will finally reach the chat via the option “contact us”.

You are not necessarily dependent on the difficulty of finding the live chat function on the Unibet website. If your question is not in a hurry, you can always send an email to [email protected]. The English-speaking customer service will then answer your question as quickly as possible. Sometimes it is even interesting and pleasant to exchange ideas with other gamblers. With the Unibet community (simply accessible via the gambling platform), you can!

Do you choose bookmaker Unibet?

Unibet is one of the most popular online bookmakers in Europe. That’s not for nothing. The website is very user-friendly, and the Unibet app works very well. Also, the odds are on the high side. You will always receive the money won quickly. Unibet also offers a complete range of sports bets, which makes online betting at the bookmaker interesting. Unibet is simply one of the top players in sports betting in the European market! And do you have any questions? The professional customer service from Unibet is always there for you. If Unibet is a bookmaker that suits you, register today and join the largest and most popular bookmaker in Europe.

FAQs about Unibet

Opening an account with Unibet is rewarded with an excellent first welcome bonus. These bonuses can be used directly on bets and are available to every new player. Unibet also regularly offers various promotions. Both new players and existing players at bookmaker Unibet are well represented in the field of bonuses and promotions.

At Unibet, you can watch live sports via Unibet TV with a player account. You can watch top football matches and, for example, popular basketball matches. Unibet TV offers a live betting module that allows you to bet on matches broadcast live via the live stream. Watching via Unibet TV is free, although there needs to be an active balance on your account.

Unibet operates from all over the world and has official gambling licenses worldwide with strict regulators who supervise fair play and the offer of sports betting. In Europe, Unibet is one of the biggest bookmakers and is the betting site top-rated for sports betting.

See for yourself what bookmaker Unibet all got to offer in betting online.

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