Horse Racing Betting

Horse betting has a fairly long tradition and is still immense among a large number of gamblers. Which horse starts best? And which jockey benefits the most from the extra sharp line in the bends and approaches the finish first. Are you looking for short-term voltage? Discover the world of horse racing betting!

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Horse Racing Bookmaker Betting

Horse racing is all about the perfect cooperation between humans and animals. The trainers ensure that the horses appear at the start in top condition, and then it is up to the jockeys and their horses to show what they can do. Once the starting shot goes, they will shoot the course at full speed. The best horses easily achieve speeds of around 60 kilometres per hour. With such speeds, it never takes long before the finish line is in sight. And then, of course, the big question is which horses are able to finish first, second, and third. Thanks to the speed of the sport, horse racing has become very popular among gamblers. Anyone placing a bet has to wait a few minutes before the result is known. A lot can happen in the short time that a race lasts. This makes every competition exciting from start to finish. Because who loses himself at the last minute and who knows how to beat the strong competition at the finish line? It is up to you to pass on your prediction to the bookmaker.

Do you honour the age-old tradition?

The Circus Maximus in Rome still reminds of the old times when equestrian sports brought large groups of people together. The ancient Romans were, therefore, quite fanatic in following their version of horse racing: chariot racing. Especially on holidays, there were many races to follow. Of course, a bet could not be missing.

In the time of the ancient Romans, horse racing was a true folk sport. Nowadays, the races have a more chic character, especially when you look at courses like Duindigt and the Ascot. This classy image is mainly due to King James the First of England, who in the 17th century devoted himself to a professional equestrian sport in which the best racehorses competed against each other. Only the strongest, fastest, and bravest horses were good enough. That is why three English thoroughbred stallions were selected who, together with the fastest mares, had to ensure the best offspring. They succeeded. The English thoroughbreds still dominate the racetracks. And although horse racing has now blown across the world, the sport remains unbelievably popular, especially in Great Britain. But the Dutch public also appreciates the racing sport. It is not for nothing that more and more people are exchanging their football bets for Horse Racing Betting.

Horse betting: this is how it works

There is room for the best horses on the international racecourses. But of course, not every horse is equally experienced or talented. To keep the races as exciting and fair as possible, equestrian sport works with different classes. Thanks to this system, the young or weaker horses compete against each other, while the real toppers compete in another race. Even a competition with newcomers is exciting in this way. The horses are all matched in terms of level.

In horse racing, the first meters immediately go at full speed. This makes it difficult for gamblers to track which horse is in which position. Fortunately, the organization of equestrian sports has found something. The brightly coloured shirts and caps of the jockeys make clear who is who at a glance. The bookmakers also give you a hand. Because when you place a bet, you immediately see which equipment the jockey of “your” horse is wearing.

If you have submitted a prediction to the bookmaker, it is hoped that you can follow the match live. Every meter of the race is exciting to see. The horses all run at top speed towards the first corner and compete for the top position. Due to the relatively short courses, it often happens that the last few meters are decisive. If you are unlucky, the competition is just a bit faster, and you lose the bet.

Which match will you focus on?

The British have been at the cradle of modern racing. It is, therefore, not surprising that you can fully bet with the bookmakers on horse races that are being ridden in England. You may be aiming your arrows at the Warwick, Wolverhampton, or Chelmsford City racecourse. Large numbers of competitions take place here every year. But in June, all eyes of the racing fans are equally focused on that other British racecourse: Ascot. During Royal Ascot, there is almost a week of everything to do on the racetrack. One horse race after another comes by. The nicely dressed audience and the ladies with striking hats should, of course, not be missing. If you place several bets with the bookmaker, Royal Ascot will also be a special event for you.

Great Britain certainly does not have the exclusive rights to beautiful racetracks and races. In the Netherlands, race track Duindigt (Wassenaar), for example, has many exciting competitions on the calendar. Victoria Park in the Frisian Wolvega also attracts many visitors during the various races. Do you like to search a little further? Who knows, you might bet on a race that is being held at the American Gulfstream Park or the French Hippodrome de Longchamp.

Each racecourse has its own types of competitions. There is not even a fixed distance that the horses have to travel. It only differs per course what the competition will look like. In equestrian sports, a distinction is made between the short track and the long track. Both are very different disciplines. The horses cover a distance of approximately 300 meters during short track excavation. There are no curves, and there is no entire group to compete against. On the short track, it is merely one against one, whereby the final winner is determined via the knock-out system. Short-run competitions are exciting, but most gamblers opt for the long-run race. These races vary in distance from more than 1600 to 2600 meters. You can choose for trotting, where the jockey (or pikeur) is in a sulky behind the horse. Or opt for horse racing, where the jockey sits on the horse’s back. It just depends on what suits you best. Do you like variety? Every day there are dozens of races to follow on race tracks in different parts of the world. Because every race is short, you can constantly place a new bet again. Don’t forget to mark the major tournaments, such as the Grand Slams and Grand Prix. Here it must happen for the top horses in the world.

Choose from the many types of bets

At horse racing, the crowd is thrilled by the race track to see who wins. But if you go for a bet, you certainly don’t just pay attention to the winning horse. Bookmaker offers many different bets. You can, for example, choose:

“Winning” or “place”: who wins and who achieves the top 3?

With the “winning” bet, the goal is very simple: predict which horse will cross the finish line first. With this, you take a risk, because there is a real chance that that strong competitor will miss out on the last few meters. And then you have lost your commitment. As an alternative, you can, therefore, opt for the “place” bet. At this moment, you predict which horse at least makes it to the top 3. The combination “winning and place” combination bet is another option. You then go for two bets at the same time, indicating which horse wins and which horse will be added to the first three.

Go for a real top horse with “double-winning.”

Winning a race is, of course, a great achievement. Nevertheless, the real top horse is also high on the list of favourites in the following competition. Do you think a horse has everything to win the next two races? Then the “double-winning” bet is perfect for you. Go for a real top horse with “double-winning.”

Betting on the top 2 or 3 with “duo,” “trio” or “trio disorder.”

The top 3 is highlighted in almost every sport. In horse racing, there are even several bets linked to it. If you choose ‘duo,’ you let the bookmaker know which two horses reach the finish first. The order is of great importance. With the bet “trio,” you even bet your money on top 3. It may, of course, happen that you have an idea which three horses are the best, but that you find it difficult to determine the exact order. The “trio disorder” betting will help you out.

Focus on two good horses with “couple” and “place couple.”

There are more variants on the duo and trio bets. For example, you can choose “couple” or “place couple.” In the “couple” bet, you focus on the first two finished horses without the order being important. If you go for ‘place couple,’ then you pick two horses that come in the top 3. Here too, the order makes no difference at all.

With these popular bets, the list of possible bets is by no means complete. For bookmakers who fanatically focus on horse racing, you can also go for V4 (which horses will win the next four races), 5+ (what does the top 5 of a race look like), or the many variations on it. And always the following applies the more difficult the bet, the more profit you can make.