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In Formula 1, overtaking, pit stops and tire strategy must all coincide perfectly. That makes Formula 1 betting so interesting and exciting!

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The warm-up round is over, and the formula one cars are slowly rolling to their place on the grid. As soon as everyone stops, the lights turn red, and the countdown goes to the start. Those few seconds call for supreme concentration. Because as soon as the lights turn green, there is immediately a lot to gain and lose. One estimation error and the chance of winning is lost. But a good start doesn’t mean it will be an easy race. The overtaking, pit stops, and tire strategy: everything has to coincide perfectly. Welcome to the world of Formula 1 betting!

A long Formula 1 season with many brilliant races

Formula 1 is the absolute royal class of motorsport. Anyone with a taste for speed and optimal cooperation between people and technology cannot wait for the next race to start. If you want to bet on Formula 1, then you have at least a lot of great Grand Prixs to choose from. Albert Park in Australia, the Silverstone circuit in Great Britain, Interlagos in Brazil and Zandvoort in The Netherlands: these are just a few of the more than twenty circuits that are on the program every season.

The Formula 1 season traditionally starts in mid-March and ends around November 30. During that period, you can look forward to a new race on a different track almost every two weeks. The complete Formula 1 circus moves to the next track after every race weekend. That keeps the competitions exciting because every track has its charm. A long straights circuit offers opportunities for teams that need power and speed. In a track where the drivers encounter one sharp corner after another, it is more about guts and agility. After all, these are the perfect places to catch up with a competitor. But it is also the ideal place to lose control of the car if overtaking does not go as planned. And that could just mean the end of the race.

The perfect trinity of technique, driver and team

Formula 1 involves much more than you may think. First of all, there is the car itself. Well before the season starts, the Formula 1 teams are improving their car. It is the details that count. The teams use the winter months to test whether the improved car is as fast and aerodynamic as the calculations show. They test in wind tunnels, but of course, also on the circuits, everything to deliver the perfect car for the new season. When designing the car, teams must take into account the guidelines set by the FIA. If not, this great motorsport boss can intervene or initiate at least one investigation at any time. For example, in 2019, Ferrari was briefly under a magnifying glass because there were rumors that the team unlawfully pumped extra fuel into the engine. A violation of the technical regulations, which resulted in a fine for Ferrari.

Although the right car is essential, you should not underestimate the role of the driver. After all, he is the one who has to bring the car to the finish. The drivers’ race on the track at speeds above 300 kilometers per hour. Only with guts and the ability to choose the right moments will it be possible to overtake competitors or to leave them behind. It is essential not to take too much risk. A rash action quickly ends in the gravel pit or against the wall, and then there is nothing to gain anyway. But the driver has to keep an eye on more things. By only going at full speed and continue doing all kinds of actions on the opponent, the hard tires, mediums, and softs wear out quite quickly. Saving tires is the motto. Otherwise, the driver has a lot of disadvantage at the end of the race. Worn tires are a lot slower than when they are in good condition. Finally, there is also a significant role for the team. They devise the strategy, perform pit stops, and ensure that the driver comes in at the ideal time when it starts to rain, and the dry weather tires are exchanged for intermediates or real rain tires. Everything has to be right, otherwise, the chances of winning the Grand Prix lost quickly.

Betting on the Grand Prix or the championship

From the moment the first Grand Prix weekend is coming up, you can start betting on Formula 1 with the bookmaker. On Saturdays, it is time for the qualifications. The order of the start is determined in three qualifying rounds (Q1, Q2, and Q3). This gives you a good chance of a first bet. Because which of the approximately twenty drivers achieves that coveted pole position? Once the qualifications are over, you can start to focus on Sunday’s race. Predict the winner or go for a head-to-head bet, comparing two drivers. You can also bet money on the difference between number one and two when they cross the finish line. Is the difference less than a second, or is the gap much larger?

Each race offers new opportunities for the drivers to accumulate points. In Formula 1, it is not only about winning in the Grand Prix. The championship is even more critical for the top drivers. Of course, you can also bet on that at the bookmakers. Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc, or Max Verstappen, who do you think will become champion? In the champion bet, you should not forget the teams. Formula 1 is mostly teamwork. At the end of the season, the team of which both drivers collect the most points together will be awarded the constructor’s title. It is mainly large teams such as Ferrari, Mercedes, and Red Bull that have a chance of that constructor title. Place your bet, and you immediately have a favorite team to cheer on when the race is on!