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Boxing Betting at Bookmakers

We all know the images of an umpire bent over a floored boxer. He starts counting with his fingers. One, two, three, four, five… the fighter has ten seconds to regain his senses and continue the fight. If not, the match ends with a knockout, and the opponent’s hands may be raised. The winner is known, and the following rivals can enter the ring. Watching an evening of boxing gives you one beautiful match after another. But you don’t have to be sensitive if you want to bet on boxing. It is a hard sport, with regular blood flow and bruising. Still, it is not the case that boxers have to hit hard to get the profit. In this sport, speed is involved, and don’t forget the tactical game. It is precisely these elements that ensure that more and more sports enthusiasts start placing bets on boxing.

There is a lot involved in winning a boxing match

Even if you are not a great connoisseur of the boxing world, there are several names that you certainly know. Muhammed Ali (aka Cassius Clay) is considered by many to be the greatest boxer in history. That is not surprising, because he has delivered many impressive fights in his career. Muhammed Ali isn’t the only great boxer in history. Mike Tyson, Joe Frazier, Floyd Mayweather, and Evander Holyfield: they have all won many fights and prizes.

To win a fighting game, the boxers must enter the ring with concentration. Of course, the turnout turns into a real spectacle with loud music and loud cheers. But a top fighter is not distracted by this. He knows he must not lose his concentration once the fight starts. One moment of inattention and the opponent undoubtedly sees his chance. Boxing is all about handing out blows and the best possible defence to take a few bumps as possible. With the boxing gloves for the face, the boxers dribble back and forth and deliver one punch after another. If the opponent makes a mistake, it is a perfect time to strike. Speed ​​is essential in this. Surprising the opponent and thinking tactically about the next action helps a fighter to win. Just raw power is not enough in the world of professional boxing.

Weight classes, tough boxing rounds and controversial judging decisions

If you are going to bet on boxing, you must, of course, know exactly what the rules are. An important rule is that boxers should only fight each other if the fight is physically fair. The boxing world, therefore, works with weight classes. For example, there are featherweights, lightweights, and heavyweights. Each weight class has its heroes. So make sure you know which category the boxers fall into when you place a bet with the bookmaker.

Once the boxers face each other in the ring, they have several rounds to prove themselves. Most tournaments and matches have a maximum number of rounds of twelve. Each round lasts three minutes, after which the boxers always have one minute to collect themselves. There are always the trainers/caregivers who walk into the ring with a towel and a water bottle and use that minute at the same time to give their boxers some clues. Or express courage, that is also possible. Because as the match progresses, fatigue increases and mistakes can easily creep in. The footwork is less flexible, and the defensive posture loosens now and then. The chance of strong hits from the opponent then increases. But a real top boxer only gives up when he is knocked out on the floor. Is there no question of a knockout? Then boxing suddenly turns out to be a real jury sport. After each round, the jury decides which of the two boxers was best. In the end, the person who managed to convince the jury in most rounds wins. It sometimes leads to controversial results, and for the public, that is a good reason to express considerable displeasure with this jury decision.

Win money with boxing betting

A top boxer can make good money from his sport. Prize money is particularly high among the heavyweights. Although there is also a lot of money to win in the lower weight classes. In the boxing world, they really know how to hype fights. The match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao appeared on posters such as the “Fight of the Century” and “Battle for Greatness”. These terms did not just come out of the blue. Mayweather had been world champion in five different weight classes at the time, and Pacquiao even in eight. With two boxing greats in the ring, on Saturday, May 2, 2015, millions of people sat in front of the TV to watch the fight. The game was decided in 12 rounds in favour of Mayweather, who was able to transfer $ 5 million a minute into his bank account.

When you are going to bet on boxing, the amounts are more modest. But that should not spoil the fun. There are a lot of exciting bets that you can place through a bookmaker. The boxing world is divided into several federations, such as the WBC, WBA, WBO, and IBF. These unions all organize their tournaments, of which the battle for the world title is, of course, the most important. Predict who will be the champion or focus on the loose duels. In the many boxing duels, you can bet on the winner, but also the number of rounds played. And do you think the knockout match will be decided or not? Submit your prediction to the bookmaker, and the countdown to the game can begin.

You also need to keep a close eye on the online boxing odds with boxing betting. Of course, you want to grab the highest boxing betting odds for your bet. Therefore, make a specific tour of our reliable bookmakers and discover which bookmaker has the most interesting odds available for your boxing bets.