Popular sports

At bookmakers, you can bet on many different sports. Think of popular sports games such as football, tennis and horse racing. But you can also bet on politics or what do you think of the Eurovision Songfestival? Bookmakers offer bets for everyone!

Sports betting is more popular than ever before!

It's most likely that you are a big sports fan and you don't want to miss your favorite sports games. Perhaps you are ready for the next F1 Grand Prix every two weeks. Or are you faithfully following all the crucial matches of the major European football competitions? The actual sports fan does not, of course, stick to that one sport alone. Fortunately, you don't have to choose if you want to bet with a bookmaker. The list of sports games is long, so you can vary a lot if you place one bet after the other.

Betting on the number one sports: football

With almost every bookmaker, that one sport is prominently at the top of the list: football. Logical, because millions of people choose a football bet every day. You can bet on all major leagues, such as the Premier League, Bundesliga, Primera DivisiĆ³n, and Serie A. All tournaments such as the Champions League, the Europa League and the European or World Cup maybe even more exciting. Especially when your own favorite football club or the national team is doing well, live betting on these types of tournaments is almost mandatory. Football fans have many betting options to choose from. Predict the winner with a 1x2 bet or focus on the number of goals with a higher / lower bet. Or is it going to be a halftime / full-time, even / odd, or correct score bet? The choice is yours.

Betting on that other team sport, basketball

Team sports do well with both bookmakers and bettors. In addition to football, you can also bet money on basketball, for example. The games of the American NBA are especially popular. Dive into the LA Lakers, Chicago Bulls, or watch the Indiana Pacers perform this basketball season. Please note: basketball has a lot of rules, especially time rules. If a player exceeds the time an attack is allowed to last, it is interrupted. So you must know these rules thoroughly before you start betting. Once that time has come, high bets await you. Bet on the winner, the number of free throws or look at the difference in points between the two teams on the field.

The fast world of Formula 1

At first glance, team performance no longer seems essential in Formula 1. Here it is the driver who has to show his guts and talent during the Grand Prix. But the teams of, for example, Ferrari, Mercedes or Red Bull do influence the race. They determine the strategy when the race is in progress, and of course, those pit stops must run smoothly and quickly. Betting on Formula 1 means that you enter a world where people and technology jointly compete for profit. Predict who will become world champion or focus on the best team with the constructor title. Don't feel like looking at the end of the season? Every Grand Prix delivers high bets, regardless of whether the race is held at Spa-Francorchamps, Interlagos, or through the streets of sophisticated Monaco.

Gravels and grass specialists in tennis

There are those sports where it is purely male to male or female to female. Tennis is, of course, the perfect example of this. Although you can also focus on doubles instead of singles, tennis is all about technical play combined with speed and focus. But do not forget the surface when you want to place a bet. A tennis match on grass is very different from clay or hardcourt. So a win at Roland Garros does not automatically mean that those good performances will continue on the holy grass of Wimbledon. In tennis, you can bet on the winner of the game or focus on the number of sets or games. Betting on the number of aces per match also makes every save turn exciting.

It all started with horse betting

The bookmakers nowadays have many different sports online that you can bet on. But it is one sport that started it all, and that is horse racing. There are a few bookmakers who are very successful when it comes to this sport. William Hill is a real specialist in horse racing, for example, but at Unibet, you can also bet on races that are held on the most famous racecourses in the world. Predict which horse will cross the finish line first, aim at the entire top three. You can even link multiple races together, resulting in four or five winners on your betting slip. Quite a challenge, because you have to predict each winner well to win the winnings.

More great sports to bet on

The choice for a sports match or tournament is a very personal one. Maybe you are a big fan of martial arts. Boxing betting has been popular for years, but martial arts such as MMA, kickboxing, and Thai boxing are also on the rise. Would you rather bet on a sport where focus plays a much more significant role than someone's strength or endurance? Then sit down when one "one hundred and eighty" after another is thrown in a darts game. Fast calculations and a steady hand ensure that a darts player can draw the match. Place a bet, and before you know it, you will be mesmerized at the darts game, just like the whole audience.

FAQs about betting on sport

The bookmakers generally have a large selection of different sports bets. In addition to popular sports such as football and tennis, most bookmakers sometimes offer more than 50+ other sports. Think for example of Cricket, Cyclo-Cross, Volleyball or betting on Esports!

In addition to regular bets, most bookmakers also offer the option of betting live at sports games. The excitement of live betting is increasing and increasing in popularity among gamblers. Not every sport is suitable for live betting. Bookmakers often offer a pre-selected offer in live betting. Always keep an eye on the bookmaker for the most current live bets!