Bet on Volleyball

Volleyball is now the fifth most popular sport in the world and is extremely competitive today. Volleyball betting can be done all year round with the best online bookmakers. Read more below on how to place a bet on volleyball.

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Volleyball betting at bookmakers

Volleyball belongs to the list of famous sports worldwide. In Europe, there are hundreds of thousands of people who practice the sport. On the websites of various bookmakers, you can bet extensively on major volleyball matches. Volleyball betting is therefore quite popular among a large number of sports gamblers. If you want to bet on volleyball, you can easily participate in most of the bookmakers. You have betting options in the largest national volleyball competitions and sports events where volleyball is practised. So do you think you have some lucky bets with volleyball? Then play and bet on volleyball in the European Championship, World Cup, the Olympic Games and Champions League.

Bookmakers and the popularity of volleyball betting

Do you want to bet on volleyball and are you looking for the right bookmaker for volleyball betting? Look no further as we have made the best listing of bookmakers where you can bet on volleyball at the best possible odds and payouts. On our comparison, the bookmakers take a bet on volleyball from anyone in the world directly. And this without third parties’ intervention or by taking a commission. Volleyball as sports has been an international success. For years and partly due to the volleyball competition, the European Championship and the World Cup, an enormous rush for the possibility to bet on volleyball. By betting money on a volleyball match, a gambler has the chance to win attractive and high cash prizes with a minimal stake. Betting on volleyball is not yet widely accepted in Europe, but bets are growing in popularity.

Types of bets in volleyball

Volleyball allows bets similar to those made in most other sports. The most straightforward bet is on the winner of the match. Two outcomes are possible here because a draw does not occur in volleyball.

Volleyball betting by set gain

Besides the win of the match, you can bet on the team that wins a specific set. Because it differs per game how many sets are played, it is often possible to bet on the first three sets in advance. Betting on a potential fourth or fifth set must be made during the match.

Volleyball betting on ‘over or under’ points

The well-known over and under bet also exists in volleyball. Usually, this is the total number of points scored during the match. For example, bets can be placed on more or less than 175.5 points scored during the game. It does not matter which team scores these points: both volleyball teams’ points are added together. It is sometimes also possible to bet on the total number of sets that will be played in the same way. A volleyball match lasts up to three sets. When one team is much stronger than the other team, it is often limited to three sets. If the teams are more evenly matched, five sets can be used to determine a winner.

Bet on volleyball by ‘even or odd’ points

A volleyball bet that has little to do with the match’s course is whether the total number of points scored will be odd or even. This is basically nothing but a blind guess. At the end of the game, it is sometimes possible to estimate how many points will still be made and whether the total number of points will be odd or even.

Other available volleyball bets

Depending on the bookmaker and match, other bets are sometimes also possible. You can sometimes bet on the total number of points in a set and the number of aces (making a point with the service).

Volleyball Live Betting

Nowadays live betting is prevalent – almost more than half of all bets made are placed live. This is not without reason, because you can now bet on all kinds of things while watching the game. It also increases the excitement enormously to predict and place a correct bet during a match live. This is no different for volleyball betting, and many live betting options are offered by bookmakers. Who will score the next point in this exciting match? And who commits a violation and do you know how to predict this correctly during a volleyball game?

In addition to the fact that live betting on volleyball offers more options for betting, it is also sometimes smart if you do not know how the teams relate to each other to wait for the start or the first set. It is then easier to estimate who will win. Try to gain as much background information about the different volleyball teams. The better you can predict volleyball games, the more profitable your volleyball bets will be in the long run.

Why bet on volleyball matches via the internet?

Volleyball betting is a prevalent sport to bet on, and that’s not without reason. First of all, it is a sport that has no draw, so there is no such risk. At least three sets are played, and in most cases, the favourite takes the win. There are many volleyball betting options. You can usually watch a live stream with many of the bookmakers offering volleyball bets. So, in the case of volleyball live betting, you can follow an exiting game very easily, and place your volleyball bets simultaneously.