Payment Methods

When you want to place a bet with a bookmaker, you have to send money to your bookmaker account on the betting site. The bookmaker offers various payment methods for this. Find all available payment methods, options and their specific characteristics here.

There are many different payment methods to make to your player account with a bookmaker. On this payment methods page, you will learn more about these various payment providers and available methods. We explain how a payment method works and which one you can best use to deposit and withdraw.

The Best Online Betting Payment Methods

After you have registered, choosing a payment method and depositing money is the first step to bet and play at a betting site of the chosen bookmaker. These bookmakers accept many payment methods, but not all of them meet the needs of the players in the same way. We can assure you that the following four payment methods are best for depositing with bookmakers with their online betting sites after extensive analysis. When it comes to speed, security, convenience and reliability, we can recommend these payment methods.



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The differences between the bookmaker payment methods

At the selection of trustworthy European bookmaker betting sites, numerous payment methods are offered. Every payment method has its own unique way and payment method of depositing money on a betting site. What really are the substantial differences between all these payment methods and which method you have to choose?

There are many aspects to consider when choosing a payment method for depositing money at online betting sites and the best bookmakers. But there are also significant differences concerning collections of money. Not only between the payment methods themself but also if you look at the payment method between the various bookmakers. The most important factors to consider when choosing a payment method for transactions to and from a bookmaker betting site are the following:

  • Are there fees or any costs involved?
  • Possible limits held on deposits and withdrawals
  • Payment speed
  • Security and safety


Hardly any bookmaker or online casino charges when making a deposit (these are almost always covered by the house). Some bookmakers will make an exception and charge a small fee when processing a withdrawal. The bookmaker does this because of the high percentages they have to pay to the payment processor per transaction. It also depends on the payment method you choose for sending money back to your private bank account. So keep always an eye on the terms and conditions. Although, luckily we can say that in most cases, bookmakers won’t charge you anything at all when paying out the money you’ve won with them.

Deposit and Settlement Limits

Because of the costs that the operator has to pay per transaction made, they smartly set limits. These differ per method, per operator and whether the transaction is a deposit or withdrawal.

They do this to discourage you from using specific methods or only from certain amounts, with the ultimate aim of minimizing the costs for the bookmaker or the online casino itself. We also believe that if you have won a big prize which needs to be paid in separated parts, betting companies hope you will again bet with the due amount in the meantime. This is, of course, not a fact and more a gut feeling and something we can imagine in terms of profit for the gambling companies. So, do you won an enormous amount of cash, and you like to withdraw it entirely to your private account? Keep it cool, and don’t bet with the money you won in the meantime. It’s as simple as that!


When we talk about transaction speed by sending money to the betting site of a bookmaker, we mean how quickly the payment is processed and received. Besides the traditional bank transfer, which sometimes has to wait and progress a few days, deposits with the most common payment methods are processed almost immediately. The amount will be active for use in your bookmaker player account. You will receive your money directly into your player account when you deposit with PayPal, Neteller or Skrill, for example. Also, locally widely used payment methods such as iDEAL, Bancontact or a Paysafecard are immediately visible on the relevant player account at every bookmaker with a valid license for Europe. But stay sharp and always check the terms for procedures.

Paying out amounts of money often works slightly differently at a bookmaker. It is also important to remember that you usually have to use the same payment method you used to transfer money to your bookmaker’s account. The betting sites do this mainly to prevent crime and money laundering. So when you deposit money with the Neteller payment method and transfer the funds directly to your bank account, this is often not allowed by the bookmakers.

The duration of payout differs per payment provider and also the chosen bookmaker. Sometimes the money is deposited to your e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill within a few hours. Another bookmaker sometimes takes longer and need a day to complete your payout. It can just take a day for the payment to be fully processed, and sometimes even longer. Do you want to withdraw money from your player account to your private bank account? In this case, this takes an average of 3 to 5 days.

In some cases, it may also be that the bookmaker asks for additional information. The bookmaker does this to check whether it actually concerns you as a person and whether, for example, you have passed the age limit of 18 years. If you cooperate quickly with this procedure yourself, the verification and settlement are often completed very quickly.

Security and safety

Bookmakers with a European license are expected to have secure infrastructure on and around the gambling website. The easiest way to do this is to use SSL and HTTPS (a website has an SSL to offer HTTPS). These are two systems that work together and provide that well-known lock in your browser (if all goes well). With this lock, the information that is sent to and from the website is encrypted. The data cannot, therefore, simply be intercepted or viewed. The secure connection (HTTPS) also ensures that hackers cannot breakthrough, and that intercepted information cannot be read. A critical thing because bookmakers work with personal and financial data.

In terms of safety, you are good at an online gambling site and just as safe as shopping in one of the well-known large online stores. Casinos work with external payment services. As a result, they do not have to arrange the security for a reliable transaction themselves. Still, the gambling site works almost like a kind of online store. The main task of these external payment providers is to have their security in order and bear the responsibility for this as a payment provider. So when we look at payments and payouts with bookmakers, you don’t have much to worry about when it comes to security.

More information about payment providers

There are many types of different payment methods available from bookmakers. Not every bookmaker has the same payment methods as options to choose from. So it can sometimes be better to choose a different online betting site, as your trusted payment provider is supported there. On this page, has made an overview of each payment method. This to be able to get a clear picture. Click on the appropriate payment method and read what options this payment provider supports and which rates are charged.

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