Several bookmakers are offering the possibility to make payments with PayPal. We always get happy when we see that online betting sites have PayPal as a payment option. This is because transactions with PayPal are known and trusted, but mainly the speed of completing a transaction. Read more about the PayPal bookmakers here!

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PayPal as payment method at bookmakers

PayPal bookmakers are popular in Europe but actually all over the world. However, only a limited number of bookmakers where a deposit or even a payout with PayPal is possible through the player account. This is not due to the respective bookmaker with their online betting site but to PayPal itself. As a company, PayPal is unfortunately increasingly withdrawing as one of the payment methods on gambling sites and now hardly offers their service anymore. However, the demand for online bookmakers with PayPal as a payment option is still very high. We hope that PayPal will soon turn this line back to a more volunteer position. In this article, we will go through PayPal as an online payment provider. We always do this with online betting money transactions in mind and the possibilities that PayPal offers as a payment provider. In this report, you will find out what options PayPal offers with the bookmakers.

PayPal history

PayPal was founded in 1998 under the name Confinity in the United States. A few years later, in 2002, the online payment system was taken over by eBay. This purchase was interesting for the online store because more than half of the online shoppers used PayPal. In 2015, eBay pulled its hands off the payment method, and PayPal continued on its own two feet. In Europe, online consumers were able to pay online using PayPal since 2006. It is now one of the most popular payment methods.

PayPal transactions with bookmakers

A PayPal bookmaker offers numerous benefits to players who wish to deposit and/or cash out from a betting site. PayPal has proven to be a safe payment method for years, is well known and is already used by many other online retailers to pay. Making online payments with PayPal is a well-known phenomenon among many people and offers a good basis of trust. By opening a PayPal account, the online payment providers have gone through several procedures to ensure that you are really the person affiliated with the relevant payment account.

PayPal has a simple payment method and can easily be linked to your private bank account or credit card with the online account. Therefore, you are not obliged to put money in your checking account first so that you always remain in control of your own money.

Unlike transferring a traditional bank transaction through bank wire transfer, PayPal ensures super smooth payments. Therefore, you will have active money available in your bookmaker player account in no time. This means that sports betting and placing actual bets at the bookmaker site can really begin. With a standard bank wire transfer, settlement of the deposit can easily take up to 3 working days. That would be disappointing when you had a profitable bet in mind within that period.

How do PayPal deposits with bookmakers work?

To deposit money with PayPal with the relevant bookmaker, you must first register a PayPal account and link your own payment method with the PayPal account. For example, your private bank account or credit card can be connected. This method will then be charged if your PayPal credit is insufficient for a purchase. You must verify your own email address and bank account before the PayPal account can be fully used for transactions to the bookmaker betting site.

PayPal has been a well-known checking account for years and can be considered the most prominent online payment service. Many people in Europe already have an online payment account with PayPal, which makes a transaction to the bookmaker super simple, and a transaction is being done within a few seconds. When making a transaction from Paypal to the bookmaker, you must see the payment service PayPal as an intermediary between you as the account holder and the bookmaker. PayPal takes care of the payment from the account. Paypal will be debited by the company from your account in the absence of credit.

How to quickly deposit and cash out with PayPal

Paying online at a PayPal casino is very simple and fast. Deposits with PayPal are processed immediately so that the bookmaker receives the money within seconds. You can start playing immediately. You can also request payouts at the casino where you play. Exactly how long this takes depends on the chosen bookmaker. Still, in general, you can expect the amount of money won quickly in your PayPal account. You will also receive an email when someone transfers money to you.