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William Hill is one of the most prominent market leaders worldwide with its gambling offer. William Hill is best known for offering sports betting. High time for Bookmakers.eu to test William Hill, and you will find all our findings in the extensive William Hill review.

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William Hill review

William Hill is a typical bookmaker that really conveys the English sense of gambling in all its facets. Bookmaker William Hill has been involved in providing games of chance such as sports betting for many years. Its beginnings date way back to 1934. William Hill has always held its own all these years and has become one of the world’s most significant bookmakers. Especially in Great Britain and Europe, William Hill is one of the biggest favourites. With its many physical betting offices, it is almost impossible to imagine the English street scene without. But how does William Hill actually perform as an online bookmaker? Is William Hill a good pick with their betting site for placing your online bets? We have extensively tested the bookmaker, and in our extensive William Hill review, we share all our findings with you. So after reading our review, you will be well informed about what WilliamHill.com offers in betting options.

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Is William Hill a trustworthy bookmaker?

William Hill is one of the largest sports betting companies worldwide. In England, where William Hill has its origins, the company is well represented almost everywhere, with more than 1500 physical betting offices. It has, therefore, really become part of the English community. But William Hill goes beyond Great Britain and is also very popular in the rest of Europe. But even in the most famous gambling city in the world, Las Vegas in the United States, you will come across bookmaker William Hill as a sportsbook for placing sports bets. This bookmaker is literally represented worldwide with its gambling activities.

William Hill has focused on sports betting for many years and almost approaching 100 years already. Therefore, the bookmaker has a good track record as a betting company. This is much more difficult to analyze with many new bookies. At William Hill, we can speak of a solid bookmaker, where agreements made are consistently observed. So crazy excesses are not likely to be expected from this worldwide gambling provider. The bookmaker also has several official licenses for offering casino games and online betting in Europe. William Hill has licenses from the United Kingdom, Gibraltar and Malta. Below you will find the current licenses from the countries mentioned:

☑️ Malta Gaming Authority with license number: MGA / CRP / 121 / 2006MGA / CRP / 121 / 2006-02

☑️ United Kingdom Gambling Commission with license number: 000-039225 R-319373-001

☑️ Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner with license number: 034 & 042

These licenses guarantee several essential things and ensure fair and transparent play, as William Hill must adhere to the agreements. It ensures you to be protected as a player while online betting at William Hill.

William Hill mobile betting

We can immediately state: Betting on your mobile at William Hill works excellent and is definitely worth it. Together with just a few other offers, William Hill Mobile Betting is one of the best providers available. To improve the betting site, William Hill has never stood still during all the rapid internet and mobile era changes. The betting company has always tried to provide the best possible gambling experience for their players. This makes the mobile website and William Hill App – more on that later – reliable, easy to use and offers the same gambling experience as betting on your computer. William Hill has been smart about this. The number of mobile gamblers is starting to increase rapidly, which is probably the future for online betting.

William Hill mobile web browser website

Betting company William Hill has a rich past that stretches back years and has always wanted to put the customer experience and ease of use first. That’s why William Hill was among the first gambling sites to really get serious about mobile. This has again been a correct step by the bookmaker because the result is impressive. In addition to the William Hill App – which we will tell you more about later – you can also simply visit Williamhill.com online via the browser. You will receive a wholly adapted website shown on your screen in the best possible way. The responsive website of William Hill offers almost all betting options as on the desktop betting site. Therefore you do not compromise on the gambling experience.

Mobile betting is the future, and William Hill understood this quite early at the beginning of mobile gambling. And to develop a great online sportsbook for mobile is not the easiest job to do. But William Hill did manage the responsive very well and professionally. Because many different things have to be shown on a small screen – especially when we talk about gambling – it quickly becomes cluttered and unclear on the site. This could hinder mobile betting and still promote preference for the good old computer. We personally think that if you try the betting site on Williamhill.com from your mobile phone, from that point, you will not dive behind the desktop computer for every next single bet. Of course, desktop betting also has its advantages and can be prefered. Consider, for example, live betting. We can imagine that online betting combined with live streams works just a bit more convenient on a desktop computer. Although William Hill has found a way to make it easy to bet on sports from a small screen. So, are you on the go and don’t find time to install the William Hill app? With mobile betting via the browser mobile website version, you can place a bet of your choice within seconds. In the meantime, you following an exciting live sports game from the same screen without any problem.

More often on your mobile? It’s time for the App!

Suppose you have decided to place an online bet with William Hill more often via your mobile. In that case, we do not recommend that you constantly bet via the web browser version. William Hill also has a mobile app available for free for both iPhone and Android. This mobile app is entirely focused on the best possible mobile experience for online betting. Also, the William Hill app offers many more features and possibilities for mobile betting compared to the web browser version. So placing a bet with your player account on the go is, of course, no problem at all and works just fine with the web browser. If you bet more and more on your mobile phone, you really miss the total experience when you ignore the William Hill App. Why, you might wonder? Read on to the next section of our William Hill review because we will talk in detail about our experiences and the available options of the William Hill Mobile App.

William Hill mobile app

Do you really want to fully enjoy online betting on your mobile phone? Then you immediately download the William Hill mobile app. At William Hill, you are offered the best gambling experience of the moment, and the William Hill mobile app is enjoying popularity among many gamblers. The William Hill App is therefore entirely dedicated to mobile gambling. It offers a fantastic solution in the field of betting “on the go”. But even when you’re lazy on the couch, we think the user-friendly William Hill mobile app offers enough support and betting tools. It’s so user-friendly that you most likely avoid having to move to the good old computer and just place a bet on the William Hill mobile environment.

The popularity of the William Hill app

Mobile phone betting has increased more and more in recent years. More and more people choose to easily place their online bets from mobile phones at one of the various betting sites with mobile betting sites or apps available. This trend will continue, and we can prepare for an almost entirely mobile online betting environment. For people who are still completely new to mobile betting, a betting app can feel like a limitation or obstacle than a typical way of betting on the computer. With the William Hill mobile app, this is absolutely not the case. You immediately discover that the application has everything to allow you to place your bets in the best possible way. Besides, everything that is new requires some getting used to.

With the William Hill app, you can place bets at the bookmaker on the same number of sports as on the desktop website. This means you have hundreds of different betting markets literally right under your fingertip. You can also view your betting results in a very user-friendly way and again within just seconds. Sports fans who love the excitement and thrill and like to get their adrenaline to the next level? They can join live betting via the mobile app, and in the meantime, watch and enjoy the best sports matches from the live streaming. As you can see now, with the William Hill mobile app, you can do it all!

William Hill’s market-leading mobile sports betting app

Not only are we as a website enthusiastic about the William Hill app. A tour of the internet shows that various tests among the bookmaker betting apps often rank William Hill as number 1. Sometimes Bet365 manages to get to that position, with William Hill as runner up, but we still see the majority of William Hill taking that number 1 position.

Where do I download the William Hill app?

In principle, it does not matter whether you want to download the William Hill app for Android or Apple devices. For devices, downloading is very easy to call both and you have arranged in no time.

For Android devices, go to the Google Playstore, where the William Hill app is easy to download and install. You can also choose to download the Android app directly from William Hill. To do this, you need to follow the following steps:

• Go to the William Hill website with your Android device;
• Here you will automatically get a suggestion for downloading the app;
• Then click on this message and follow the steps for installation;
• Your William Hill app will then be installed on Android;
• Login with your player account and you are ready to bet.

Do you own an Apple device? In this case, too, you will have the application installed in no time. Follow the steps below that we have described to install the William Hill app on your iPhone or Tablet.

• Go directly to the Apple Store;
• Under search, type in “William Hill app” and search;
• In results at the top of William Hill’s app;
• Click on download and the app will be installed immediately on your Apple device;
• Then log in with your player account and you can start betting directly from your Apple device.

As you can see, regardless of which device you own, it is very easy to download and install the application. You are now ready to take advantage of all the beauty that William Hill has to offer and you can place a bet with your mobile device at any time, anywhere and at any time.

William Hill Deposit and Withdrawal Payment Methods

With online betting, depositing and withdrawing money is, of course, very important and should work well at an online betting office. At William Hill, they offer many options to pay to and from the betting site. For example, William Hill provides payments from credit cards such as VISA and Mastercard. You can also make payments on William Hill via Trustly. The payment method Trustly is currently a modern online casino payment method among European player.

You can also choose to make payments from Sofort, Neteller, Skrill, Paysafecard, Neosurf and Eco. William Hill also offers the possibility to deposit money via traditional bank transfer. A wide choice of payment providers is provided, with Trustly and Sofort also offering the option of making a bank transfer through their payment system. Everyone can, therefore, immediately have money available on the William Hill player account in no time.

Excellent minimum deposit

At William Hill, a minimum deposit of € 5.00 is required for each payment method. We think this is an excellent minimum, and not many players will want to make a payment to the bookmaker for less money. All orientation is immediately processed to the William Hill player account, so you can gamble and place bets right away. There is only an exception for bank transfer, which can be processed for up to 3 days.
It is essential to take into account the payment method you choose at William Hill. When you make a deposit on the WilliamHill.com website, and you subsequently win money that you wish to cash out, this withdrawal must be made via the same previous payment method when depositing. This is not from William Hill to limit you as a player but is one of the required rules that bookmakers must adhere to when obtaining a gambling license. This rule is intended, for example, to prevent money laundering and other crime as much as possible. If there is no possibility of a payout to the same payment provider or by making this choice yourself, there is still no problem. William Hill will then deposit the money directly into your bank account. This can be preceded by verification of your passport and address details. It is established that it actually concerns you as a person. Confirmation is usually very smooth and fast at William Hill and is not long in coming.

What are the withdrawal limits?

The minimum amount that must be withdrawn has been set at William Hill at € 5.00. The maximum amount to be withdrawn at William Hill is limited to € 10,000. No further transaction costs are charged, and the amount withdrawn will be paid out to you in full. If we look at the other bookmakers, the minimum amount is excellent. It gives the players – with a somewhat smaller wallet – the ability to enjoy online betting at William Hill to their full satisfaction. By the way, we see the limit at the high amount being higher at other bookmakers. However, the amount is, of course, still high and therefore reasonable.

William Hill is very known as the sponsor of PDC World Darts

William Hill has also become so well known in Europe and globally because of big sponsorships in sports, especially in the darts sport. William Hill is known in the darts world as a generous and dominant sponsor. For example, the bookmaker is the name bearer of the biggest tournament in darts and PDC, William Hill World Darts Championship. In addition to darts, bookmaker William Hill has sponsored horse racing for decades and has significant NBA basketball sponsorships. William Hill is also a shirt sponsor of various football clubs, such as Malaga in Spain and various American football clubs from the Major Soccer League. The English football club Chelsea also has a cooperation agreement with William Hill. And even in the boxing ring at the highest level, the William Hill logo can be found regularly! It should be clear that William Hill is quite visible in many different sports.

What about the William Hill customer service?

Of course, you prefer to stay away from a company’s customer service for as long as possible. Although it is nice to know that in customer service, William Hill has arranged things reasonably well. So in the unlikely event that you run into a problem, the employees of William Hill are there for you. A bummer is that you can’t actually contact William Hill by phone. The website only lists a phone number for the physical betting shops. Suppose you have questions as a customer from the online betting environment. In that case, you need to contact via the live chat option. As a bookmaker, we believe that William Hill falls short of not having a telephone number available to call customers. The big-name bookmakers always have to strive to the highest possible and have a phone number service option as helpdesk. A phone number to call to makes you an online betting site also fully transparent and takes all the doubt away. We have to admit to William Hill that the customer service area looks bright, structured, and customer-friendly. Maybe it’s a new time when phone helpdesk slowly gets replaced by robots/computer-driven Alexa’s and live chat helpdesks.

We have tested William Hill’s helpdesk very extensively on all the available options for contact and help. We have tested William Hill’s customer service on several essential points and did multiple quality tests. For example, we looked at the response speed, willingness to help with a problem and customer-friendliness. William Hill’s customer service scores super on all three points regarding customer service level and responsiveness. You can also approach William Hill via Twitter. However, we think that is not something the average gambler needs with a problem or question.

Final verdict on bookmaker William Hill

William Hill has gained a wealth of experience thanks to years of experience in offering sports betting. Also, the gambling company has seriously invested in the website on which the betting offer is provided. For example, the website is user-friendly, not too busy, so you keep an overview. All bets are neatly categorized under different headings. Other information is relatively easy to find with the clearly visible buttons. It is really striking that time and energy has been invested in this. This will benefit players at William Hill, providing them with the best possible gambling experience and probably also staying one step ahead of the competition.

Overall good experience at William Hill

William Hill has a wide offer of bets available on their betting site and you can choose what group you are going to join. Summary on betting availability and options gives an A+ experience, with fast payments that arrived on the same day as payout was requested.

Another gem at William Hill is the app they have available to their players. The William Hill app offers a great gambling experience from your mobile device. That has not worked out for many bookmakers so far.
The bookmakers from British origin really stands out with the William Hill App for mobile phone and has a complete offer with betting options and is extremely user-friendly. Amazing how William Hill did put it away on one app, without making it unclear and messy. The kind of mandatory betting behind the PC is no longer necessary with the app now provided.

Very reasonable limits

As for payment method, bookmaker William Hill offers more than enough providers. The minimum deposit of €5 is also very reasonable. It is charged most of the time way higher by many other bookmakers sites. The minimum withdrawal limit is set at € 20 and has a maximum amount of € 10,000 per transaction on William Hill’s withdrawal.

If you don’t feel like you want to bet on sports, you can also check out the online casino or live casino. William Hill offers many slots and table games in their online casino. All the casino games coming from reliable providers. You also have satisfactory solutions available for the table games. Bingo, poker and scratch cards will also be featured. There is, therefore, a good playing option available for every gambler, and you can have hours of fun.

Decent customer service help

William Hill offers good and decent customer service in its own right. The employees are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for all your questions. Although the employees can only be reached via live chat. The lack of a telephone number is a missed opportunity. Furthermore, the customer service offers everything it has to offer. William Hill provides in the helpdesk a FAQ page with many frequently asked questions, email contact, social media channels and the preferred use of live chat. You can contact the bookmakers’ helpdesk in several languages, like English, Spanish, German. Withdrawing and depositing money is done through various banking methods. Overall, we think William Hill is a reliable and highly recommended bookmaker to create an account.

Overall looking at William Hill as a bookmaker, we have to conclude that its betting site is an excellent choice for placing your bets. The website is clear, offers a massive diversity of sports betting options and has several reliable licenses from trustworthy regulators. So, you know that your bets are also guaranteed and protected. Bookmakers.eu definitely recommend trying out William Hill, and we love to hear about your experiences with the bookie!

FAQs about William Hill

William Hill is the founder of the worldwide known gambling company William Hill. Mr. Hill was born in Birmingham on July 16, 1903. He dropped out of school at the age of 12 to work with his uncle in the countryside. Not much later, he ended up as a worker in a factory in Birmingham. This is where Mr Hill's fascination with betting arose. For example, he first secretly made bets between colleagues and soon went around with his motorcycle to provide the local population with bets. A guarantee for success we can say now, as Mr William Hill has grown with his eponymous company name into one of the largest gambling companies in the world. Something to be proud of. William Hill is one of the oldest bookmakers in the world and has its origins as a betting company in the United Kingdom. William Hill started officially offering sports betting in 1934.

Yes, William Hill generally does payout fast, and they are known for this. When you William Hill depositing money and cashing out winnings is quick and very easy. William Hill shows once again that they are the true market leader for a reason!

Yes, William Hill is licensed worldwide and licensed in Europe by the Malta Gaming Authority for offering casino games and sports betting under the license number: MGA/CRP/121/2006MGA/CRP/121/2006-02.

Currently, the famous casino operator Caesars Entertainment bought the British-based gambling group William Hill for $3.7 billion to expand in the fast-growing U.S. sports-betting market.

See for yourself what bookmaker William Hill all got to offer in betting online.

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