Eurovision betting

The annual music spectacle Eurovision Song Contest is loved by many people. Bookmakers increasingly play an important role in determining the possible winners! Eurovision betting is, therefore, popular!

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Eurovision Song Contest Betting

The real enthusiasts have been looking forward to it for a whole year: the Eurovision Song Contest. As soon as the tickets for the event go on sale, the first preparations for the public also begin. The Songfestival is not just any event. The song festival calls for crazy outfits and, of course, those indispensable flags to wave with. It is not only the audience that unpacks. The acts on stage also often pull out all the stops. Logical, because they only have a few minutes to leave an unforgettable impression. Are you a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest, and are you ready for it every May? Then bet money with a bookmaker. This makes the Eurovision Song Contest even more exciting to follow.

The versatility of the Eurovision Song Contest

Every year the Eurovision Song Contest loosens. It is a colourful collection of acts from all over Europe. The participants represent many different styles, and ultimately a winner must emerge. That makes placing a bet on Eurovision quite tricky. Not only are there many different styles that are sometimes difficult to compare, but countries also have different preferences. For example, where Western European countries like to go for a singer-songwriter-like song, in Scandinavia, they like a touch of rock, in Southern Europe, they often have a preference for music that swings a little more. In Eastern Europe, they do not shun a heavy dose of heavy metal.

So betting on Eurovision is not that simple at all. And we have not even talked about the friend services of countries. It is no secret that voting is not always fair. We sometimes give our southern neighbours a few extra points and vice versa, but elsewhere in Europe, this is sometimes a lot more extreme. A participant from a country may sing as out of tune as a crow, but still gets the maximum number of points from a neighbouring country. That is something that does not always come as a surprise. Around the Songfestival, there is always a lot of attention for countries and candidates. If you pay close attention, you will soon know where there are friendly connections. You could take that into your bet.

From the semi-finals to the finals

Betting in the Eurovision Song Contest means that you can look forward to a lovely week somewhere in the middle of May. The design has barely been tinkered with for years. We, therefore, see two semi-finals by default before it is time for the grand final. The first semi-final takes place on Tuesday preceding Saturday’s final. The second semi-final is scheduled for Thursday. A lottery determines which country should act at what time. A favourable draw (ie, in the second part of the evening) can make the difference.

Not all countries will make an appearance in the semi-finals. The countries that contribute financially to the event can go straight to the grand final. Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and England are therefore called the Big Five. The organizing country does not have to worry about that semi-final either. Saturday’s grand finale beckons no matter how good or bad the song is received.

Predict the winner or focus on the act that remains scoreless

Many bookmakers pay attention to the Eurovision Song Contest. But there is much more variety of bets on one betting platform than on the other. Bookmakers with British roots, in particular, like to show off when this event is imminent. Moreover, the offer always increases when the date of the Song Festival approaches.

Almost every bookmaker has that one most crucial bet at the top of the list. Because who will win the Eurovision Song Contest? Before the winner is announced, it is, of course, the first time for the semi-finals. With the bookmakers, you can bet money on the countries that qualify for the final. In that Saturday’s grand final, you can bet in all directions. For example, predict which Scandinavian act will finish highest. Traditionally, the Scandinavian countries are doing well at the Eurovision Song Contest (who doesn’t remember ABBA?), So keep an eye out for Sweden and Norway in particular. It can also be interesting to look at the bottom part of the scoreboard. Because are there perhaps countries that remain pointless? It is undoubtedly a massive disappointment for the act itself. But you can win a nice amount of money if your prediction comes true.

Odds are a good indicator for the winner

The Eurovision Song Contest will not come to life until the week of the semifinals, and the final has arrived. But it pays to pass on your prediction much earlier. The bookmakers adjust the odds again and again. First of all, they start from the reputation that the countries have in the Eurovision Song Contest. As soon as the artists and songs are announced, they will make an initial assessment. Then we have to wait for the rehearsals. An artist who does not score as well based on the song alone can rise significantly in the polls if the act is extraordinary. Once the semifinals have been completed, the bookmakers can fine-tune the odds once again. The draw, in particular, plays a role. The moment of performance is crucial at the Eurovision Song Contest. The first act is quickly forgotten, and not everyone is ready for the song festival by then. Performing in the second half of the final is what the music acts want.

The bookmakers odds are a good indicator of the Eurovision Song Contest. As for the winner, they are regularly correct. So don’t wait with betting until the bookmaker has made their final judgment. Just report your winner in time or go for one of the other betting options. Whatever bet is on your bet slip, the scoring will be extremely exciting anyway. All countries that are allowed to vote to pass their points one by one. You see, the points slowly increasing, hopefully in your favour. If the winner is finally announced around midnight, you might be able to have a party too. In any case, predicting the Songfestival contest winner and placing bets on Eurovision promises to make a beautiful TV evening. Did you predict the right Eurovision winner? Pop the champagne, collect your money at the bookmaker, and you are ready to celebrate your victory!