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Football is the number one sport in Europe. So it makes sense that the bookmakers pay a lot of attention to the different football competitions. Explore the exciting world of football betting here!

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Football betting at bookmakers

Who has nothing to do with football? There is not a single sport that can match football in terms of popularity. You can tell by the many football bets that are placed every week. It does not matter if you like to be on the pitch at the weekend or if you only follow football from the sidelines. Because everyone who is interested in this sport can bet on football, let’s hope you have enough sports knowledge so that you can actually start making money with your passion for football. 

Betting on soccer competitions worldwide

Football is the number one sport in Europe. So it is only logical that the bookmakers pay a lot of attention to the various football competitions. For example, bet on the Premier League matches or focus on the clubs in the First Division this year. Who knows, maybe you will go for a match from the German Bundesliga, the British Premier League, the Italian Serie A or the French Ligue 1. Many significant clubs participate in these major European football competitions. What about Real Madrid, Juventus and Manchester United? These clubs have more than earned their spurs in the football world.

You may be inclined to bet on those real top clubs. After all, these are the teams you hear most about and probably know the most about. Still, it can be smart to look at smaller football clubs and leagues. Bet your money on the second-highest division of German football or watch competitions in the smaller football countries. So you might discover that the Romanian, Finnish, or Bulgarian league delivers quite exciting bets. Football matches outside Europe also deserve your attention. South American clubs are, of course, known for their passionate fans. You undoubtedly feel the same passion as the team you bet on scores a goal. Even in Australia and Asia, they play football fanatically every week. Bookmakers place interesting bets online for all these competitions. And that is ultimately what betting on football is all about. You want a bet with excellent odds so you can make a lot of profit. So, for example, a football match in Australia or Qatar can then also be the right choice.

European Championships, World Cups and other major tournaments

For many football clubs, the main league in their own country is the highest achievable. But the real top clubs look beyond that. Because for them, there is also a lot to achieve at the international level.

Every year there are several prestigious tournaments on the program. In Europe, the Champions League and the Europa League in particular appeal to the imagination. Clubs outside Europe can focus on the Copa Libertadores (South America), the AFC Champions League (Asia) or the CAF Confederations Cup (Africa). These club team tournaments offer great betting opportunities. Alternatively, you can also bet on the many country matches. The highlight is, of course, an European Championship or World Cup. Predict who will become champion or focus on the winners of the mutual duels. In the run-up to a European or World Cup, you can always bet on the qualifications. Or how about the Nations League? Even friendly matches are simply included in a bookmaker’s offer. With all these different matches and tournaments, there is an exciting bet to be found every day.

Predict who will win

The most crucial question in a football match is: who is going to win? A match won either earns three points for the competition or ensures that a team advances one round in the tournament, the question of who is going to win yields some nice bets.

As soon as your bookmaker website opens, you will immediately see many odds behind the football matches. These odds apply to one of the most popular bets among gamblers: the 1 × 2 bet. In a 1X2 bet, you simply determine whether the home team wins (1) or whether the visiting team wins (2). If you believe in a draw, you fill in X on your betting form. For a 1X2 bet, it doesn’t matter how a match goes or how many goals are scored. All that matters in this particular betting form is who becomes the winner.

At every football match, you secretly still have a final result in your head. Are you really convinced that the game ends in 1-1 or 2-0, then go for the correct score. Because you take more risk with this than with a 1X2 bet, the odds are immediately a bit higher. In addition to the final score, you can also bet on the number of goals. It is not interesting for you whether it will be 1-2 or 2-1, if there are only three goals. Don’t feel like focusing on a loose match? Then tell the bookmaker who you think will be the national champion or which team will win the Champions League tournament. These types of bets are often online from the start of the football season. The earlier you are, the higher the chance of attractive high odds.

More interesting football bets

A football match often provides many different betting options. Especially in major leagues and tournaments, there is a long list to choose from. If you do not want to bet on the winner, bet your money on the player who scores first. Or bet on the period in which that first goal falls. You can even tell the bookmakers whether there will be an odd or even number of goals. And what about the number of cards or the number of corners? These kinds of bets make every game exciting.

There are those football games that you are not very sure about. In that case, you can always make things a little easier on yourself with a Draw No Bet bet. This betting option has many similarities to a 1X2 bet, only you will get your stake back if the match ends in a draw. Double Chance and Both Teams To Score are other bets that are relatively easy to win. At Both Teams To Score, all you have to do is ask whether both clubs are able to find the target. Double Chance allows you to check two options in a 1X2 bet. That sounds interesting, but it does, of course, have consequences for the odds.

Do you like to go for bets with high odds, and you don’t mind taking more risks? Then the Asian Handicap or the 3-Way Handicap may meet your requirements. In these bets, one of the teams will get a virtual lead or lag. The greater the lead or lag, the higher the odds. But you only benefit from those high odds if “your club” still manages to win if the opponent starts the game with a 3-0 lead.

Go for extra excitement with a live bet

The many betting options apply to both pre-match and live betting. In a pre-match bet, you pass your prediction before the players enter the field. Once the match has started, you will no longer have any influence on the bets. That can be quite frustrating if it turns out that the team that was going to win is not in the game at all. You don’t have that problem with live betting. You only pass on your prediction when the match is already in progress. This allows you to take the time to see which team dominates and which players keep putting pressure.

Live football betting is especially exciting if you can watch the game directly. While watching live, you should be able to switch quickly. As soon as you think there will be a goal in the next 10 minutes, it would be best if you bet immediately. Even if you find that one of the teams dominates the match, you can’t wait too long. Bookmakers can adjust the odds during the football match. Speed ​​is, therefore, essential if you are going to bet live on football. Then let those bets come with excellent odds!

Are you already aiming for the highest achievable profit?

The difference between two football clubs can be quite significant. When FC Barcelona plays a home game against the final match of the Primera División, there is little doubt about who wins. The consequence? Low odds on profit for Barcelona. With every football bet, you have to estimate the chances that something will happen and see whether the odds are interesting enough. After all, you also want to make enough profit. If you opt for a match where the clubs are far apart in terms of level, stay away from the 1X2 bets. The odds on other bets are undoubtedly a lot more attractive.

During your search for a suitable football bet, it is also best to take a look at several bookmakers. That attractive handicap bet on the classic between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona delivers more for one bookmaker than for another. A little research saves you a considerable amount in the long run.

Tips for the perfect preparation for your football bet

You may rely entirely on your football knowledge when you place a bet. But as soon as an exciting game is on the list, it is still wise to dive into the statistics. This is a simple way to increase your chances of winning. There are a few things to keep in mind when preparing for a match:

☑️ Let go of your feelings and trust the facts

Football evokes emotion. Especially when you bet on your favourite club, it isn’t very easy to look objectively. You want “your club” to win. It is, therefore, not surprising that you tend to bet on this. The only question is whether that is wise. In football matches, it is essential that you can switch off your emotions and that you focus purely on the facts. In time, this will yield you the most profit.

☑️ How did mutual duels go in the past?

Sometimes a team just has trouble playing the opponent’s game. Because what should you do if a club slams the way to the goal and throws itself fully on the defense from the first minute? From the statistics, you can immediately read how the mutual duels have gone in the past. This way, you will automatically discover whether a club rarely scores due to the defensive play of the opponent.

☑️ Which club is in shape, and what are the interests?

It is a lot more challenging to win a game from a strong opponent than from a weak one. But actually, the opponent is not even the most critical factor. Everything starts with the qualities of your team. For example, an injury or suspension of one of the star players can affect the match. So make sure you know whether everyone in the starting team is in good shape. Also, consider the importance of the competition. Especially at the end of the football season, there is more to gain for one club than for the other. This can lead to surprising results.

☑️ Think carefully about your bet

Analyzing the statistics helps you make wise choices. But no matter how well you prepare for a match, you can always lose. You have to keep that in mind when determining the stake. So make sure you spread your betting budget over several games. This way, you limit the risk and absorb any losses. The downside of this strategy is, of course, that you don’t make big hits. However, this will yield more in the long run than if you bet all your money on that one crucial match.