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The Latest Sports News and Red Hot Offers from 888 Sport

05 Aug 2020

Believe it or not, there is plenty to look forward to in the next few months and it all involves sport. From round 16 of the UEFA Europa League to the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals, each event is scheduled to take place between now and the end of the year and you know what that […]

New regulations for online gambling in the Netherlands

03 Aug 2020

On 1 January 2021, the time has come: the new Gambling Act in the Netherlands will come into force for online gambling. From this date, a lot will change for many online casinos. Many casinos have already registered to obtain a license to offer online gambling games legally. After 50 years a new online gambling […]

EPL Team ‘Ashamed’ Over Flying Message and Other Sporting News

25 Jun 2020

The return of the EPL has been a long-time coming, but instead of celebrations, one fixture, in particular, hit the headlines for the very wrong reasons. Burnley travelled to the Etihad Stadium on Monday night for their clash with the top-dogs Manchester City. As soon as the game kicked-off, media outlets took to social media […]

The Latest Sports Betting News from Around Europe

08 Jun 2020

When the announcement was made that the English Premier League (EPL) was making a come-back, householders around the world celebrated! Restarting the football season has been a long-time coming, but with many football stars still hitting the headlines for testing positive for Covid-19, how safe is it? It was announced this week that the Premier […]

Are There Any Sports I Can Place a Wager On? You Bet!

20 May 2020

Since the dreaded Covid-19 made its appearance, the whole world as we know it has come to a complete standstill. From the economy to schools, eateries to sports, nothing has survived the fate of closure. It seems like a lifetime ago we were able to watch football on our screens and place a wager on […]

Football is Set to Make a Comeback – Only Behind Closed Doors

12 May 2020

Eager football fans have been sat bated breath for the announcement of the return of their beloved sport and now, they’ve got what they wanted! The German Bundesliga as European frontrunner starting this weekend, and both England and Spain had announced football will be making a comeback, only the games will be played behind closed […]

Major Bookies to Remove Gambling Ads During Cobid-19 Lockdown

28 Apr 2020

It’s not often you hear gambling operators volunteering to remove their television and radio adverts, but there’s a first for everting. We’re living in unprecedented times and with what seems the vast majority of the globe working from home, boredom could lead to gambling and this is not the outcome the global gambling regulators want. […]

The Swedish Gambling Authority Offers New Guidance on Virtual Sports

22 Apr 2020

When it was announced that the Coronavirus had become a global pandemic, sporting events around the world were cancelled; from Formula 1 to the English Premier League (EPL) and boxing to horse racing. No sports mean no sports betting markets and for some operators, this would lead to a massive decline in revenue. But there […]

EPL Expected to Return to League Behind Closed Doors

15 Apr 2020

Fans and players alike, are waiting in anticipation for the return of the EPL, with many clubs believing that their games will be played behind closed doors when it does (or if it does) eventually return. Richard Garlick, the Premier League’s director of football and Mark Gillet, the league’s medical advisor, is currently in talks […]

Viewing Figures for Virtual Grand National Reach 4.8m

09 Apr 2020

Many were dubious as to whether or not to trust the virtual Grand National, but this had no impact on the viewing figures as more than 4.8m tuned in to watch the race unfold. With the real event being cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic, a computer stimulation was setup with special algorithms to determine […]