The world of online gambling and sports betting is always changing. So stay informed! On this page, we bring you current news about bookmakers and online gambling in Europe.

Duty of care for bookmakers with offering sports betting

26 Jul 2021

The moment is fast approaching. On October 1, it is also possible to legally play a game in an online casino in the Netherlands or take a gamble online on a sports match. The potential license holders are currently being investigated, which will undoubtedly also concern the duty of care of the license holders. These […]

Bookmakers betting experts on ‘Who will win EURO 2021?’

28 May 2021

Betting on EURO 2020, or do we have to say EURO 2021 is something we at did look forward to for a long time… A year too late, but we can finally look forward to the European Football Championship. The big question is which country will succeed Portugal as the champion of the European […]

Dutch KSA focuses on illegal gambling advertising

22 May 2021

The Dutch Gaming Authority is currently processing the 28 applications for a license for online games of chance in our country. Since April 1, there is a new law that makes online gambling possible in our country. From October 1, it will become legal to run an online website with games of chance aimed at […]

What do the experts say of the Dutch and European gambling market?

11 May 2021

Recently there was an interview with 3 managers of well-known providers of casino and other online gambling games: R Franco Group, Gaming1 and Relax Gaming. They were asked, among other things, what they expect from the Dutch market, how they view the European market and what should be improved. The Dutch gambling market Expectations for […]

Fight of the Century Details Emerge in AJ vs TF

24 Apr 2021

Anthony Joshua, the two-time unified world heavyweight British boxing champion has agreed to a clash with Tyson Fury, also a British two-time heavyweight world champion, in a fight that is being labelled the fight of the century! The £200 million mega-fight will go ahead this summer with a venue already on the table, but yet […]

Alarming! Matchfixing seems to be on the rise    

22 Apr 2021

Taking a bet on the outcome of a sports match makes it even more exciting. You can of course do this within the family or circle of acquaintances. But an online gamble on a licensed site is also done in no time. That can make the outcome even more fun if you can make a […]

Strange bets that can make a lot of money

13 Apr 2021

The year 2020 was of course very special. If you had placed a bet in advance on one of the special events of that year, you could have earned a lot. But also in 2021, there are a number of special open bets that you can still participate in. Do you know how to pick […]

Grand National Sees Historic Win for Female Jockey

04 Apr 2021

The Grand National is a national hunt horse race held annually at Aintree in Liverpool, England, with bets pouring in from every corner of the globe. This one-time event sees 40 runners and their jockeys head to the course in search of a win and epic riches, only last year, the event was hit with […]

Spanish bookies will be hit by advertising restrictions

02 Apr 2021

The combination of the corona crisis and the stricter regulations and restrictions on advertising by the Spanish government in 2020 seems to be a significant downfall to the Spanish online gambling industry. Sports matches came to a standstill due to the measures during the onset of coronavirus (Covid-19). An essential way of customer acquisition through […]

Unibet on Hunt for Biggest ‘Streakr’

31 Mar 2021

Streaking in sports is something we don’t see nowadays, but there was once a time where streaking was the norm. as soon as the kick-off whistle blew, someone would leap from the crowd and start to run around the football pitch while stripping their clothes. Security measures have reduced the risk of this happening now, […]

Formula 1 Returns with An Epic Showdown

29 Mar 2021

Sunday, March 28th saw the return of Formula 1 with driver’s taking to the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix track, and it wasn’t without controversy. When you heard the words “I’ve got no rear” coming from the cockpit, you know it’s going to end badly. But, in true Lewis Hamilton style, he saw off the […]