Mr Green fined twice by Swedish Spelinspektionen

6 September 2021

Mr Green has been criticized for not fully complying with responsible gambling regulations for Sweden. So two fines have been handed out by the Swedish Spelinspektionen, the highest penalty for responsible gaming. 

Swedish regulator act on shortcomings responsible gambling

Mr Green has not taken sufficient steps to help some customers reduce their gambling expenses. For example, various customer files were investigated. In addition, Mr Green tried to reach the customers by email or telephone. Still, the bookmaker did not take any follow-up steps afterwards.

For example, a player who, despite contact with Mr Green, could just keep depositing and eventually put money into his player account several times a day. In the end, this player lost much more than he actually declared as taxable income. This also raised the question of whether these were not money laundering practices.

According to Spelinspektionen, Mr Green should have taken stricter action and, for example, set lower deposit limits. The Swedish Gaming Commission ruled that there should have been more contact between the casino and the player. The affected player’s account was eventually closed in July 2020 by Mr Green, but that was too late, according to the regulator. Until then, Mr Green failed to comment on the player’s possible gambling problems.

More shortcomings in anti-money laundering policy

In addition to the already hefty fine, there was an extra monetary penalty on top of that. A €140,000 fine! The Swedish Gaming Authority has already launched an investigation into possible money laundering by players after complaints about William Hill, the parent company of Mr Green, were received.

Subsequently, 15 accounts were checked. At first glance, it seems that Mr Green has taken a thorough approach to combat money laundering. The various accounts were reported by the casino to the financial police. However, when the players stopped playing, Mr Green’s research. In addition to reporting, Mr Green should do her best to keep customers from depositing or adjust the limits. In addition, no contact was made with the players here either.