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Tennis online betting is quite popular. Bookmakers offer plenty of variety when betting on a tennis match. Read more about betting on tennis here!

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Tennis Online Betting at bookmakers

You can almost hear a pin drop when Novak Djokovic or Naomi Osaka prepares for the service. Bounce a few times to find that absolute focus, and then it has to happen. The ball goes into the air, the racket against it, and the service is placed with high precision. If the first service is hard or challenging enough, that first serve can just become an ace. A 15-0 lead is an excellent start to the game. But aces are scarce. Usually, there is a good fight on the track before the point is received. The opponent parries the service with a strong back or forehand, and then the battle for the point can begin. Lobs, drop shots, slices, and smashes: tennis players pull out all the stops to score points. The perfect game goes from 15-0 to 30-0, 40-0, and game winnings. Yet it seldom goes so quickly. Tennis betting gives you the chance to see real top players in action. Who will win, and in how many sets will the tennis battle be decided? Submit your prediction, and maybe that exciting tennis match will bring you a lot of profit.

Get ready for the four Grand Slams

Few weeks pass in which there are no tennis tournaments on the program. Although one tournament is much higher in standing than the other, it can also be seen in the list of participants. Tennis players cannot complete all tournaments, so they make a choice. If you focus on a small ATP or WTA tournament, then the chances are just not that big that you will see many top players at work. That is different from the four Grand Slams. Every professional tennis player dreams of winning one of the Grand Slams someday. At the end of January, they try their luck on the hard courts of the Australian Open. At the end of May and beginning of June, it is time for the Roland Garros clay.

Only a month later, players switch to grass. Even the holy grass, because the tennis caravan moves to Wimbledon for a while. The audience is already looking forward to strawberries with whipped cream, but also many beautiful tennis duels. You can still catch a glimpse of classic tennis at Wimbledon. The dress code here is immaculate white. Any player who does not comply with this will be tapped on their fingers and must change quickly. Do you think this is a little overdone? Maybe, but at this oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world, they like to keep the traditions alive. That is different for the fourth Grand Slam of the year. At the end of August and beginning of September, the absolute top of the tennis world will compete on the hardcourt of the US Open. Those who like to bet on tennis should not miss these four tournaments anyway, although the many ATP and WTA tournaments are a supplement for anyone who cannot get enough of the sport.

Sit down and watch the game live

Tennis is quite popular. Every weekend many people can be found on the tennis courts to hit a ball themselves. But you don’t have to hit a ball every week to bet on tennis. Experience in sports is not a requirement, but what you do need is patience. That is if you opt for a live bet with tennis betting. The tennis games sometimes take quite a long time, especially when a hard-fought five-setter is played. But the tension on the court and the nice actions of the tennis players ensure that one game after another flies by. With a tennis live bet, you also have plenty of time to sit back and relax. Watch what happens in the first set and wait for the players to start the second set. From that moment on, you have to start thinking seriously about your efforts. Who dominates the match and creates the most opportunities. And how fast do the sets go? The latter is interesting information for a higher / lower bet. Because also when you bet on tennis you have more choice than just predicting the winner.

How to Bet on Tennis?

When you start with tennis betting, you first think about the chances of the players winning. If the odds are interesting enough, this is a very pleasant bet. Still, you do well to look through the entire list of bets. At the bookmaker, you can, for example, bet on the total number of tennis games or sets played. Usually, this is done using a higher / lower bet. In this tennis betting option, the level difference between the two players is hidden. If a top 10 player takes on someone in 182nd place in the rankings, chances are the match will be decided quickly. So few games and sets are needed to determine the winner. Alternatively, you can also bet on tennis with the exact result of the first set. Will it be a 6-0, 6-2, or will it end in a tiebreak, and will there be 7-6 on the scoreboard? You may even note on the bet slip whether the number of sets becomes odd or even. And are both players able to write at least one set to his name? Tennis betting offers plenty of variety at the online bookmakers.

Be succesfull with tennis betting and take a look at the great champion

A tennis match is always part of a larger whole. And that bigger whole is, of course, the ATP tournament, WTA tournament or the Grand Slam. It is definitely recommended to delve into the tournament schedule as early as possible. This way, you will soon find out when Djokovic first encounters a huge competitor. Or what about David Goffin? The later in the tournament he meets a massive opponent, the more likely he is to kick it far. It can easily lead to a win in the Tokyo or Cincinnati ATP tournament. So keep the tournament schedule handy if you want to place a tennis bet on the potential champion. Also, pay attention to the surface and the specialism of the players. One tennis player calls himself a real gravel specialist, while the other is much better off on hard court. All surfaces require a different type of play, so it is not surprising that a gravel specialist often has a hard time on grass. Knowing what the players can do will help you to place your bets very precisely.