What do the experts say of the Dutch and European gambling market?

11 May 2021

Recently there was an interview with 3 managers of well-known providers of casino and other online gambling games: R Franco Group, Gaming1 and Relax Gaming. They were asked, among other things, what they expect from the Dutch market, how they view the European market and what should be improved.

The Dutch gambling market

Expectations for the Dutch market with online gambling and upcoming new bookmakers are high. The Netherlands is even seen as one of the most sought after markets by the companies that operate an online casino and other games of chance. This is related to the fact that many Dutch people know their way around the digital highway. It is also essential that the average disposable income is relatively high. Traditionally, Britain is more or less the promised land when it comes to gambling. But the British certainly don’t necessarily do this online. Therefore, it will be necessary for the sector to see how things will go in our country after 1 October. At that time, an online casino can be legally operated in our country for the first time. Moreover, sports betting via the available online bookmakers – which you can find in our bookmaker comparison on the site – is also possible.

The European gambling market

While online casinos are legal in much of Europe, managers call the area a patchwork quilt. So many different rules apply that even neighbouring countries can have completely other laws. That makes it indeed not easy for the internationally eating online casinos to adhere to the rules everywhere. Often errors are not corrected until later, and adjustments are necessary.

The Netherlands has had the advantage that many other countries have gone before. The law that came into effect on 1 April, therefore, incorporates experiences from other countries. Especially Belgium has been carefully considered. The cooperation between the two countries can be of benefit to the regulators, but also the benevolent operators.

What are the wishes for the future with online gambling?

More similar rules in Europe would be welcome, according to international companies. Perhaps in time, the regulations in Europe will become more or less the same through experience. However, it would be better for both governments and operators to coordinate through, for example, the EU. The managers interviewed are also concerned about a level playing field in some countries. If national companies are favoured over international companies, it is to the disadvantage of both consumers and companies. Examples of countries where things are not going well were not mentioned. In the Netherlands, the Gaming Authority currently oversees the online gambling market. On Bookmakers.eu you will find an overview of bookmakers supervised by the European regulators, including the dutch KSA.