Dutch KSA focuses on illegal gambling advertising

22 May 2021

The Dutch Gaming Authority is currently processing the 28 applications for a license for online games of chance in our country. Since April 1, there is a new law that makes online gambling possible in our country. From October 1, it will become legal to run an online website with games of chance aimed at the Netherlands. From that date, it is also allowed to advertise for these license holders. This can be done in many ways, such as shirt advertising, advertisements on all available media, and affiliations. Affiliates are sites that do not directly advertise an online casino or bookmaker but do direct visitors to such a site. A fee is received for this.

The current situation on online betting in the Netherlands

It is not allowed to offer online games of chance in the Netherlands until October 1. But still, there is an extensive range of online betting companies available on the worldwide internet. There is also plenty of advertising. Since there is no competition from legal sites, it is mainly the international online casinos that try to lure the players in our country. Of course, this is also advertised. The KSA takes action against these casinos and has the power to impose fines. It is crucial, however, that it is clear that these online casinos consciously focus on the Netherlands. This can be evident from the language used, the extension that the site has (usually .nl), and the offered payment options. Advertising in our country is also a clear sign that customers are being sought. The KSA will pay extra attention to this in the coming months. The authority is also keeping in mind the EURO 2020 event when sports betting logically increases.

The different types of online providers in the Netherlands

There is a clear difference in the foreign providers of online games of chance who also focus on the Netherlands. Several large international companies now have a license in various European countries. If they have previously received a warning or fine, they still have to wait until they can apply for a permit. A number of these parties have already indicated that they expect to obtain a license in the Netherlands in 2022. However, there are also providers of online gambling, where it is clear that they are not interested in a license and will remain illegal in the Netherlands and elsewhere. It is expected that the KSA will try to tackle advertising from such companies.

An example was recently the misuse of the name Holland Casino to suggest a legal site. Are you looking for reliable online casinos or bookmakers where you can safely gamble on sports? On this site, you will find the best online betting sites in our bookmaker comparison that have got a European license. These bookmakers have not obtained a license from the Dutch KSA so far, which will happen on its earliest on October 1.