Strange bets that can make a lot of money

13 April 2021

The year 2020 was of course very special. If you had placed a bet in advance on one of the special events of that year, you could have earned a lot. But also in 2021, there are a number of special open bets that you can still participate in. Do you know how to pick out the strange bet in advance, which eventually turns out to be successful and subsequently earn tons of money? How about the following 4?

Vincent Kompany returns to the Belgian National team

Vincent Kompany has been a fixture with the “Red Devils” for many years. But now the draft is a bit in the works. The last appearance in the shirt of Belgium dates back to 2019 and at his club it is certainly not going crescendo, sitting on the bench is his fate. But of course, you never know if his routine will be missed and he will still get a chance. If you bet on that and it happens, you can earn a lot.

Kim Clijsters wins a Grand Slam tournament

Kim is back in international tennis, although it is still difficult. In her peak years, she won many Grand Slam. The last victory was 10 years ago in Australia. Will she be able to do even more in 2021, partly in view of the special nature of the tournaments this year? If so, you can earn a hefty sum of money with a small bet on that result.

Bitcoin falls below $ 1,000

There does not seem to be an end to the rise in bitcoin. Recently, a new barrier was broken with a price above $ 60,000. It increasingly seems that the crypto coin will really breakthrough in the money market. But the Belgian government has already made an attempt to ban the currency. After all, criminal use is possible due to anonymity. Also in China, they are not really happy with this currency that cannot be controlled by any government. It is therefore not impossible for the price to collapse. You can score well below $ 1,000.

Trump is getting a divorce

Perhaps you have the greatest chance of winning with this bet. The yield is also less than with the previous options. After remarkable years in the White House, Trump is back as a citizen. Even during his time as the most powerful man on the planet, his wife Melania seldom looked at Donald with affection. At least, that was the image that the media constantly painted for us. Will the marriage come to an end now that Trump can be found on the golf courses more often?