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Australian Open 2021 betting

09 Feb 2021

The first Grand Slam of 2021 will take place in February. Usually, this always happens in January, but it had to be postponed to February due to the corona crisis. The first games will take place on Monday, February 8, while the deciding battle is scheduled for February 21. There may be a limited number […]

Betting on Super Bowl LV: White vs Red

04 Feb 2021

The biggest event in the American sporting calendar is about to take place – The Super Bowl, and whether you’re a US citizen or a member of the EU, there’s no denying how exciting this event is to watch! The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Bucs) will take on the defending champions, the Kansas City Chiefs in […]

New Way to Bet on Sport Causes Uproar

03 Feb 2021

Betting on sport isn’t as black and white as you’d expect. You have markets for various sporting events and markets for non-sporting events too! During the US elections, there were bets being placed on who would win the presidency and bets were also being taken on talent shows too! Less than two-weeks ago, Sky Bet, […]

Mobile betting with bookmakers is continuously growing in popularity!

02 Feb 2021

Bookmakers have seen a new trend in online betting in recent months. Mobile betting is becoming increasingly popular. Betting via smartphones and tablets will replace betting via a desktop. Gambling via mobile devices has become extremely popular in the past year of the coronavirus. More and more bookmakers are reporting that they see an upward […]

Grand National cancelado a favor de la carrera virtual en medio de la crisis del coronavirus

25 Jan 2021

We already saw plenty of room to bet on current events during the American elections. With the bets on Boris Johnson’s baby, it became clear that sometimes this cannot go far enough. At the moment there is a new hype: betting on the new actor who will take on the role of 007. Who will […]

Will betting on drone races become a hype in Europe soon?

19 Jan 2021

In the US, a new hype seems to be emerging around the popular drone races. It is now possible in five American States to take a gamble at these races via an app. The drone race is a relatively new phenomenon and now spectators can also bet on the outcome. The drone pilot who reaches […]

Big Upcoming Sporting Events with the Best Odds!

18 Jan 2021

It’s been 6-years in the making and fans of Connor McGregor will be delighted the showdown with Dustin Poirier is almost upon us. The rematch will be the main event of UFC 257 which will air on January 23rd, but what they won’t be delighted with is the price it will cost to tune in! […]

$ 11 billion takeover bid for Ladbrokes

15 Jan 2021

If you know the gambling world a little, the Ladbrokes company will not seem unfamiliar to you. It is one of the best-known gambling companies in England and is based in London. Initially, it fell under the Hilton Group, which has become known through the same name’s hotel chain. However, Hilton Group divested this business […]

Dutch legalization of online betting gives a boost to the advertising world

02 Jan 2021

It is now known that online gambling will soon be legalized in the Netherlands. This will be the case from 1 March 2021, if everything goes according to plan. The process was previously delayed, but it is expected that it will actually become a reality in March next year. The Dutch games of chance authority […]

Betting on the darts championships

28 Dec 2020

The darts championships are now a fact, although the question is to what extent they can still be played. The first game was played on December 15, at the Alexandra Palace in London. The best darts players remain and will be scheduled for the quarter-finals. These are planned for January 1. New corona variant bad […]

Leicester vs Manchester United – Win When You Lose with Betway

22 Dec 2020

Boxing Day fixtures are fast approaching and when you’re already full to the top with turkey, Betway is giving you the opportunity to be full to the top with winnings too, and it starts with Leicester vs Manchester United. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side will head to the King Power Stadium on Saturday where Brendan Rogers […]