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Basketball betting starts with knowing the rules and knowing which betting options there are. We are there to help you with that and tell you everything about placing a bet on basketball!

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Basketball is enormously popular in the United States of America! Basketball stadiums are packed every time. Although, if we look at Europe, basketball as sport is less popular, but that shouldn’t stop you from placing a bet. The sport is fast, exciting and, also, there are often massive stars on the field. Certainly, if you bet on the games of the American NBA, you will encounter a lot of big names. Basketball betting starts with knowing the rules and knowing which betting options there are. We are, of course, there to help you with that!

A sport with time rules and its own point system

Two baskets at the height of more than three meters and one ball: much more isn’t needed for a beautiful game of basketball. And oh yes, a few tall players are also useful. Five per team to be precise. Although, those five players don’t have to do it alone. Basketball is a sport in which there is plenty of change. With seven players on the bench who can be changed indefinitely, the teams on the field look different every time.

Each basketball match consists of four quarters, with a period of 12 minutes in NBA basketball, while a quarter in, for example, the European competitions lasts 10 minutes. So take a good look at the exact rules of the union when you are basketball betting. A 10 or 12 minute period may seem short, but a lot is happening. Few sports have as much speed as in basketball. It is mainly the many time rules that keep the momentum in play. An attack can last a maximum of 24 seconds; within 8 seconds, a team has to move from its half to that of the opponent, and the 3-second rule stipulates that players can only stay in the opponent’s bucket for 3 seconds during an attack. This is the area directly below the basket. During every playing period, the players dribble, fit, and dunk a lot. They always keep a close eye on the scoreboard and the clock. Of course, they also think about the way of scoring. A free throw gives one point, a long throw 3 points, and otherwise, each score is good for two points. The number of points increases quickly, although the differences in a match between two real top clubs are sometimes surprisingly small.

NBA: the most popular league for basketball betting

It was Canadian-American sports teacher James Naismith who invented basketball in 1891. Since then, basketball has become one of the most popular sports in both the United States and Canada. Both countries are represented in the NBA. Because although you will mainly encounter American teams such as the LA Lakers, Indiana Pacers, and Chicago Bulls, there is also one Canadian team involved: the Toronto Raptors.

Since the start of NBA basketball in the late 1950s, the league has spawned many great sports heroes. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Earvin “Magic” Johnson definitely belong in the list of best and most popular players ever. Even now, there are still many players around who are capable of great achievements. The NBA season usually starts in the second half of October. The thirty participating teams are divided into a “Western Conference” and an “Eastern Conference”. Within each of these two groups, there are three divisions with five teams. The basketball teams play matches against all teams from the Conference, with many other duels often being planned with division mates. There is certainly no lack of competition days. In the regular part of the league (which usually lasts until mid-April), each club is on the basketball court 82 times to play a match. The top eight teams from each of the Conferences then continue in the playoffs. The final winner is determined in four rounds via a knockout system. One thing is sure: with all those matches scheduled per season, there are plenty of chances of a winning bet. If that’s not a good reason to sit on top of NBA basketball…

There is more than just American basketball

For American basketball fans, there is only one league that really counts. And they let you know too! The NBA winner is considered the only true world basketball champion in the United States. When it comes to the level of the competition, they are undoubtedly right. There is simply no basketball league that can match the NBA. Still, you shouldn’t be blinded to American basketball. There are even more leagues and tournaments that deserve your attention if you want to bet on basketball. What about the EuroLeague? What the Champions League is for football is the EuroLeague for basketball. The best European clubs gather here, so there is no shortage of quality. The Spanish League ABC or Turkish BSL is also highly regarded in the basketball world. Just stroll through the bookmaker’s offer and be inspired.

Basketball betting odds

Every basketball game delivers enough bets. For example, bet your money on the winner of the game. The advantage of basketball is that the sport does not settle for a draw. Is there a tie after four quarters on the scoreboard? With an extension, that problem is easily solved. Betting on the basketball winner, therefore, gives you a theoretical odds of 50%. If you want something different, you can also opt for an over / under bet on the number of points scored. Or focus on a quarter or half of the match. The difference in points between both teams can be at least as interesting for a bet.

In basketball games, you can easily opt for a live bet, especially when it comes to NBA basketball. It is even more important to know the exact rules when betting live on basketball. This is a sport in which things can go wrong quickly. A double dribble or a running error: it all has consequences for the race. So make sure you study sports thoroughly before you start basketball betting.