Neteller is one of the first online payment methods which was originally mainly used in the international online poker world to conduct online transactions. Neteller still enjoys great popularity and the number of casino players who use Neteller has grown enormously recently. But is Neteller safe and suitable for your transactions? You read it here!

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Neteller Bookmakers

If you want to bet online with real money at a bookmaker, you must be able to transfer money to the gambling site in question. This money will be added to your personal player account. All kinds of digital payment methods are available for transferring money to a bookmaker. One of the most popular internet gambling e-wallets is Neteller. Neteller is a subsidiary of Paysafe, which also owns Skrill and Paysafecard, among others. Neteller is an electronic wallet from which you can make online payments. If you want to use Neteller, you must first have a Neteller account. You open an online account at Neteller, where you can additionally apply for a credit card. At Neteller, you will receive a username and password so that you can transfer money to your Neteller account safely and securely. Part of the registration is that you must also verify yourself by sending a copy of your ID or passport. And that is a good thing because, of course, this only benefits safety.

What is Neteller?

Neteller is an online wallet, or you can say an internet account that works the same as Moneybookers. Once a Neteller account has been created, you can transfer money to this personal Neteller account. With the Neteller account, you can transfer money to an online casino or other payment sites where you want to make a transaction. Let’s suppose you win money at a bookmaker with a winning bet. In that case, you can also transfer the money you won right back to the Neteller wallet.

Neteller is an online wallet that you can send, spend and have the money paid out on the internet. The wallet can best be seen as an online bank account that is highly secured and where you can keep money or use it to make transactions without any worries.

Through a free prepaid card (kind of Neteller credit card), you can also use the amount on your Neteller Ewallet to, for example, make payments in hotels, stores or restaurants. The Neteller card cooperates with the credit card giant Master Card and can be seen as a credit card. But you can only use it unless you have money available in your Neteller account. So, from now on, with the Neteller card, you can also withdraw money from any ATM in the world.

How does Neteller work?

The Neteller e-wallet works like a virtual wallet. For example, you can deposit money from your bank account or credit card right into the e-wallet of Neteller. It is as if you were withdrawing it as cash and putting it in your wallet. The amount available on Neteller is now available for free for you to shop online. In internet shops and online bookmakers, you only have to enter your Neteller access data. In a few moments, you can transfer the desired amount to the provider to complete the purchase. In the online casino, your acquired real money balance is available to you within seconds.