With Trustly, you can quickly transfer money via your own internet banking. The user-friendly payment method is gaining popularity and is used by more and more webshops, online casinos and bookmakers. The service is currently available in more than 29 different countries within Europe.

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Anyone who wants to bet at bookmakers betting sites must also deposit money into his or her gaming account at a specific time. You have various options for that. One of these is the payment provider Trustly. With this online payment method, you deposit money directly from your own bank account into your gaming account at the gambling site where you want to play. That is if that site uses this payment method. So always check in advance whether it is possible or not. Here you will find more information about Trustly, how payment via Trustly works, the pros and cons, and the safety and reliability of when you pay with Trustly at a betting site.

What is Trustly?

Trustly is a payment method that allows you to make a bank transfer online to third parties. It is available to anyone with a bank account and across Europe. A fast, safe and straightforward way for consumers to pay directly from their bank account. With Trustly, you can make payments to an online bookmaker so that the money goes straight to your player account. Trustly does not require any prior registration or software installation. Is this payment method safe, you might ask? Trustly is just about the safest online payment method on the market. The Trustly Group AB is regulated by the Swedish FSA. This governing body regulates banks in Sweden, which means it is just as safe as the safest banks in Europe.

How Trustly works

Trustly is a payment service that allows you to make an online payment with your private bank account. Do you want to deposit money with Trustly? Here we explain how payments by Trustly works precisely.

  • First, select the Trustly payment method at the bookmaker’s site
  • Determine the amount you want to deposit
  • Then choose the bank you usually use for internet banking
  • Log in as you are used to at your bank
  • Choose your account number with which you want to pay
  • Confirm your payment using the desired authentication method

As you can see, you will not be redirected to an external payment site, and you will not leave the online gambling provider’s secure page. Not everyone thinks this is an advantage concerning safety and reliability. You assume that an online payment service has all this in order. Still, if you stay on the site of the gambling provider, you must also be sure that everything is arranged correctly there. The amount of the minimum and maximum deposit that you can make depends on the limits that the gambling site uses. Usually, the minimum deposit is € 10 or € 20, and you can transfer a maximum of € 5,000 at a time.

Transaction fees and limits from Trustly bookmakers

Trustly bookmakers generally do not charge transaction fees. Do you bet with an online bookmaker where transaction costs are charged? Then quickly switch to one of the Trustly bookmaker toppers that we have listed at the top of this page!

Please note the deposit limits that Trustly bookmakers use. These vary from € 500 to € 10,000 per deposit. Fortunately, it is possible to perform a Trustly transaction several times.

If you have any doubts about the level of the transaction limits, read our reviews from the Trustly bookmakers. There we always state which limits the online bookmaker uses on their betting sites. Trustly bookmakers also use minimum deposits. Almost all gambling sites have a minimum deposit between € 5 and € 15.