How do I claim bonuses at bookmakers?

Online bookmakers like to advertise with nice bonuses. The welcome bonus, in particular, is a smart way to attract new players. But such a bonus is not only beneficial for the bookmakers themselves. It also provides many advantages for gamblers. Because a bonus means free bet credit, and you might make a nice profit with that extra money.

Meet the welcome bonus at bookmakers

“Sign up and receive a 100% deposit bonus”. You will find these types of texts at almost all bookmakers. The deposit bonus is the most famous bonus in the world of online gambling. This bonus is straightforward. The bookmaker doubles the first amount you deposit into your account. There is, of course, a maximum to this. In most cases, this maximum amount is somewhere between € 50 and € 100. If you deposit more money, you will not receive a bonus on that extra amount.

The 100% deposit bonus is prevalent. Still, some bookmakers prefer a variant of it. Often bookmakers also have temporary promotions and promotions to spoil players. In this way, they try to keep players and outperform the other bookmakers in terms of competition.

What conditions apply to the welcome bonus?

A welcome bonus is an excellent introduction to the bookmakers. Only you should not count yourself rich immediately because you don’t just get the bonus money directly to transfer to your private bank account. Usually, you have to meet several conditions before the bonus is yours. For example, many bookmakers require you to wager the amount several times. Suppose your first deposit is € 100 and you receive a 100% welcome bonus on this. Then the bookmaker may require you to wager this € 100 at least 6 times. In that case, you first have to bet € 600 on various bets before the bonus is released.

Releasing the bonus is, in most cases easy to do. Especially if you regularly bet on sports. You have to make sure that you play your bonus free when you have limited time. Most bookmakers have a period of 90 days. However, there are also betting companies that only give you 60 or 30 days. Even sometimes 7 days are given by bookmaker, which is pretty short. Therefore, always check whether the bonus is beneficial for you.

Bonuses for loyal players

The welcome bonus is specially designed for new players to welcome them at the bookmaker. But loyal customers are not forgotten either. For example, there are often temporary bonus and promotional campaigns that everyone can take advantage of. These actions are very different. Maybe your bookmaker is organizing a promotion around a major football tournament, such as the European Championship or World Cup. Or how about a friends bonus? If you make a friend member, you will immediately receive extra bet credit in your account. There are even bookmakers who reward you when you place a bet on your mobile. The first time you will be put an amount for your first mobile bet at the bookmaker. Most of the time, you will receive a mobile free bet.

The bonus promotions change regularly. It is therefore essential that you keep a close eye on the promotion page of the bookmaker.

Be smart with your welcome bonus

A bonus earns you extra playing credit or a free bet. It is very attractive yo play with at a bookmaker. Do you want to take advantage of the bonuses that are available as much as possible? Then don’t limit yourself to a single bookmaker. One time, for example, bookmaker Unibet has an exciting promotion run, and the next time 888sport has a temporary bonus that you don’t want to miss. It also has another advantage to play at different bookmakers. Because if you choose two or three bookmakers, you can select the best odds per match. So a smart gambler always looks around carefully for more bookmaker, so they always can pick from the best odds available.