How do you find the right bookmaker?

Every gambler has their playing style. Maybe you are such a gambler who dares to take risks and therefore always goes for the highest possible profit. Or are you more of the type hoping for low betting and deposit limits? With the occasional interesting bonus promotion and 24/7 customer service assistance, the gambling experience is complete. A bookmaker can never satisfy all gamblers. That is why these online betting offices always check which elements they consider most important. Bookmaker A, for example, goes for high odds, high limits and a fast-working platform, while bookmaker B focuses more on nice bonus promotions and good customer service accessibility. It would help if you found a bookie that suits your needs and playing style. It enables you to get the most out of your life as a football gambler. But how do you find the perfect betting platform?

It all starts with your own list of requirements

You want to look for a bookmaker. There are probably a few well-known names that immediately come to mind. You can, of course, register with that one bookie who so often advertises about matches of your favourite football club. Yet there is a good chance that you will find out later that this betting office does not suit you at all. You skipped one crucial step: comparing bookmakers.

There are many online bookmakers available on the internet, and each of them has different advantages. So you first have to know what matters to you. For example, are you going for:

  • High odds and therefore the highest possible profit
  • A nice welcome bonus and of course many other bonus promotions
  • A fast-acting mobile platform
  • Extra many betting options or football competitions
  • Low deposit and withdrawal limits
  • A customer service that is available 24/7 for questions and problems

High odds and as much profit as possible

We will start more immediately with the most important thing: making a profit. With every bet you make, there are two possible outcomes. Either you lose your bet, or you make a profit. In the latter case, you naturally hope that the profit is as high as possible.

Bookmakers work with an ingenious calculation system to link odds to bets. Most bookies do this themselves. It means that many bets automatically (often small) differences arise. But some bookmakers are standard a bit higher than the competition. They sacrifice the profit margin, although they do bring in extra players. Especially if you work with high stakes, these higher odds can yield a nice amount. And that while you do not have to do anything extra.

Do you want to take full advantage of generous bonus promotions?

Bookmakers who try to attract players with higher odds do so very subtly. You have to do your research to find out which betting office likes to be above average. Bookies that bet on nice bonus promotions work a lot less subtle. As soon as you enter the platform, you will immediately see striking advertisements with texts such as “deposit 50 euros and play with 100 euros”.

The welcome bonus is an important marketing tool for many bookmakers. Some bookies go a step further and ensure that the promotion page is well filled all year round. The final of the Champions League, the weekly Eredivisie matches or the start of the Christmas period: it can all be reasons to give away a free bet, risk-free bet or cashback bonus. If you are sensitive to these types of promotions, be sure to check out what the bonus page has to offer because some bookmakers are more generous with handing out bonuses than others.

Find a (mobile) platform where you can gamble comfortably

High odds or excellent bonus promotions are of little use if the platform does not work well. So always take the time to browse through the website of a bookmaker.

The first impression is often crucial. Are you comfortable on a platform that is full of flashy banners and giant advertisements? Some bookies have created a little more rest so that you can fully concentrate on your bets. It just depends on where you feel most at home. It is also essential to check whether the website has a logical layout and whether the pages load quickly enough. Would you like the freedom to bet outside the home? Do not forget to subject the mobile platform to a small inspection. Nothing is more annoying than a faltering platform when you want to place a live bet quickly.

Highrollers and Recreational Gamblers: Two groups with different requirements

The gambling world distinguishes between high rollers and recreational gamblers. High rollers are people who gamble with large amounts and who often convert thousands of euros every week. Recreational gamblers start betting to create extra excitement. It may yield a profit of a few tens or a few hundred euros in a month. Each bookmaker determines his target group what that target group is mainly reflected in the limits. Bookmakers targeting the recreational gambler opt for low deposit and cashout limits. You can often start betting from 5 or 10 euros, and thanks to the low payout limit, you do not have to save for weeks in a row before you can collect the winnings. If you like to bet with small amounts, go for a bookie with low limits.

It is sometimes tricky for high rollers to find a suitable bookmaker. But they are there. Because instead of a maximum payout of 10,000 euros per month, some bookies opt for a maximum of 100,000 euros or more. Speaking of the financial side of gambling,… also check out the bookmaker’s payment options. Payment via credit card or one of the many e-wallets: there are various options. It is, of course, annoying if you like to pay via bank transfer by Trusty or Sofort, while your bookie only accepts credit cards and e-wallets.

Do you want 24/7 help with gambling questions and technical problems?

You can bet on football matches 24 hours a day. If you are a nighttime gambler, it is great to find a bookmaker who adapts to your schedule. So it would be best if you had a bookie whose customer service is open 24/7. Even if you like to solve problems yourself, you may sometimes need help from customer service. For example, you can no longer log in, so you miss out on a lot of bets without help. You are glad that your bookmaker offers a 24-hour service. If you usually gamble between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m., then you can often go to a betting office with limited customer service available. The response time is, of course, just as important. If you want to help as quickly as possible, look for a bookie who you can contact by telephone or via live chat.

An extra requirement for your list: the license

The requirements for a bookmaker differ per gambler. It is merely crucial that you find out for yourself what you need. Make sure there is one requirement at the top of your list: the license. You want to be able to gamble safely and be sure that you will receive the money you are entitled to. It is also nice to fall back on something if the bookmaker does not comply with the rules (according to you at least). If you see that the gambling company has a license from the Dutch Gaming Commission, then you can be sure that you can bet on football with confidence. These types of permits are always proudly listed on the bookmaker’s website. The information is, therefore, quickly found. Suppose there is no official license for offering sports betting. In that case, it is better to search a little further because the advantages of those high odds or excellent bonus promotions disappear if it turns out that the bookmaker is not as reliable as you thought.

The big bookmaker comparison can begin

Once you have put together your list of requirements, the major bookmaker comparison can begin. It really doesn’t have to take hours, and you don’t have to search for all of the bookmaker websites. Choose a few bookmakers to inspect, and you will automatically arrive at a suitable platform. If you know what you are looking for, it is effortless to find the right bookmaker. We recommend you to compare our listing with bookmakers, which we have tested and find the best available on the internet. All bookmaker we compare are safe, got an excellent reputation and have a license from reliable European Gambling authorities. This way, you play at a secure bookmaker website!