Like to score with live betting? Try the 79th-minute betting strategy!

The first half is over, and the minutes are slowly ticking away in the second half. Where one after the other bettor leaves the live betting platform at the bookmaker, you wait a little longer. Better said, you wait till all the way at the end of the game. Because you know you can rely on that 79th-minute betting strategy. You have to be patient, and that while the tension on the field and in the station only increases. But that patience really pays off! Betting using the 79th-minute betting strategy will almost certainly get you a win.

Be patient… Strike smart!

Bookmakers work with clear betting deadlines. For pre-match bets, the deadline is when the match starts. You cannot place any more bets once the referee sounds the kick-off signal. Also, with live bets, you know exactly how much time you have. The prediction must be received by the bookmaker before the match ends. So from kick-off to the final whistle, it gives you 90 minutes to draw your conclusions and turn them into a winning bet. Add to that the 15 minutes of rest and any injury time, and you know you don’t have to rush right away. This is especially true when you bet with the 79th-minute betting strategy. Thanks to this tactic, you’ll only be interested in that bet slip once the final part of the match arrives.

79 minute betting strategy stopwatchThe term 79th-minute betting strategy sounds rather specific. And partly it is. This betting strategy refers to the moment in the match when you are going to bet. Now you don’t have to look at the clock so that you make your choice exactly in that 79th minute. But it is essential that you only start betting in the last part of the match. Earlier than the 70th minute of play, that betting slip is not attractive anyway. This betting strategy is based on a straightforward idea: the later you take action, the greater the chance you will win. After all, you know exactly which position is on the board with 15 minutes to play. You see how the proportions are on the field. In the online gambling world, that knowledge is worth money.

Relative certainty in an uncertain sports world

Football betting is not that simple. Even if you’ve dug through all the statistics and you know precisely how good everyone is in shape, that’s no guarantee of success. Sometimes football matches just don’t go as expected. Who doesn’t remember that Champions League final of the 2020/21 season? National champions Manchester City was the big favourite in this final after an almost perfect football season. But shortly before half-time, Chelsea struck, and Man City failed to turn the tide in the second half. It was only towards the end that it became clear that that Champions League title was really not in it. With the 79th minute strategy, you could have won a bet that many are now losing.

On the football field, the difference between winning and losing is sometimes slight. A quick counter or a well placed free kick can make all the difference. For example, this could even happen with a game that has been in favour of the home side. They are the favourite for the win for a long time and can suddenly become exciting when the opponent scores in the 60th minute. That comfortable 2-0 turns into a 2-1, which means it can go either way. The visitors smell their chances and do everything they can to at least get a draw. If you had bet shortly after the break, you would probably have opted for a home win. The 79th-minute betting strategy gives you the chance to quietly watch the rest of the match unfold. Because you are looking for as much certainty as possible. You may not make a decision until the very last minute. Do you want to wait and see if that draw will actually happen? You have until the final whistle to bet.

79th-minute betting strategy: take lower odds into account

You get started with the 79th-minute betting strategy because you like to win your bets. Although something unexpected can still happen in the final minutes, your chances of winning increase quickly if you only start betting in the last part. In addition, the longer you wait to submit that prediction, the greater your chance of winning. With only 5 minutes left on the clock, the possibility of a goal has shrunk considerably compared to 10 minutes before. But yes, the bookmakers understand that too.

As a seasoned football gambler, you know that a high chance of winning has a downside. And you discover that downside when you look at the odds. Also, with the 79th-minute betting strategy, you will have to deal with lower odds than you might be used to. With every minute that ticks away, it becomes more and more clear what the result will be. As a result, the bookmaker adjusts the odds downwards faster and faster towards the end of the match. That victory for PSV, which was still worth 1.93 times the bet in the first fifteen minutes, only yields 1.05 times after 84 minutes of play. So you have to settle for low odds, but how bad is that if you are almost confident of winning? Making little profit is still better than losing the bet. In addition, if you play patiently, you have the chance to grow your bankroll slowly and steadily. That relative certainty may even tempt you to increase your standard bet. This way, you still make the profit you hoped for.

Timing is everything with this profitable betting strategy

If you go for this betting strategy, while playing at a bookmaker, you may feel that you don’t have to pay attention at all for the first 75 minutes of the match. But nothing is less accurate! Of course, you don’t have to take any action during those first minutes of play, so you can essentially ignore the bookmaker’s platform. Still, you would do well to follow the match. As a real football fan, you know: the score on the scoreboard is not always a good reflection of the duel being fought on the field.

With the 79th minute strategy, the real work starts in the latter part of the match. Before that, you can gather valuable information together to be even more sure of your commitment. For example, see which team dominates the game and whether there might be a goal in the air. Or do both clubs seem to be satisfied with the position as it is, and are they barely putting any pressure? This information is at least as necessary as the information you can read on the scoreboard.

In any case, if you follow the match from the start of the second half, you can immediately time your bet perfectly. You’re looking for some sure. That’s why you choose the 79th-minute betting strategy. In addition, you hope for the best possible odds, which means you don’t have to wait too long. If there is hardly any movement in the game, you can rely on that 2-0 lead with 20 minutes to go. The situation is different if the opponent is chasing a goal fanatically. Who knows what can happen in 20 minutes. Weighing your chances of winning against the odds as they stand at that moment is an essential task for anyone who chooses the 79th-minute betting strategy.

These matches are perfect for the 79th-minute betting strategy

Some football matches are challenging to predict in advance. The teams are evenly matched, something that can be clearly seen from the odds. Bookmakers hardly distinguish between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona in the 1×2 bet. They also know that this Spanish classic does not have an absolute favourite in advance. Even a first half often says little. Will Barca go into halftime with a lead? That’s great for everyone who cares about the Catalans, but it doesn’t mean that victory has been won.

Let’s win with that 79-minute strategy!

The 79th-minute betting strategy seems to be made for these kinds of matches that are difficult to predict in advance because you have plenty of time to wait and see. In the meantime, you also pick up a few football matches that come to an end and have a clear position on the scoreboard. For example, suppose it is 2-0 for Bayern Munich after 86 minutes. In that case, you can bet confidently without having followed just one minute of the game. The chance is virtually nil that the opponent can stop that victory.

When betting at an online bookmaker, you are, of course, not only dependent on that 1×2 bet. With the 79th-minute betting strategy, you can go in many directions. Predict the correct final score or choose Both Teams to Score. However, you will also see several betting options disappear throughout the match. Because, of course, you can no longer place a Both Teams to Score bet if both sides have already scored. Fortunately, there are always plenty of betting options left when you play with the 79th-minute strategy.