Playing at multiple bookmakers earns you big money!

You have undoubtedly made an effort to find the perfect bookmaker. Very wise, because only with the right bookmaker you can get the most out of your sports bets! Still, it is a shame to leave it at that one online betting office. Betting at multiple bookmakers yields money. How? If you read on, you’ll soon find out.

Earn extra play money with welcome bonuses

There is a lot of extra money to be made with a welcome bonus. The extra amount only increases if you register with multiple bookmakers. Because almost everywhere you are received with a welcome gift. One bookmaker will reward you with a free or risk-free bet, while the other bookie may give away free play money or a 100% deposit bonus. Add up all those different welcome bonuses, and you’ve scraped together a lot of money to bet on. It is, of course, to be hoped that those free bets and free play money are suitable for a nice winning amount. But that is entirely up to you. You can decide for yourself which sports bets you will use those welcome bonuses for.

The more bookmaker accounts, the more bonuses

An account with multiple bookmakers automatically gives you a greater chance of great bonus promotions. And we’re not just talking about the welcome bonuses. Once you become a member and start betting actively, you will soon find that even more bonuses are waiting for you. Is there nothing interesting on the promotion page of bookmaker A? No problem, because bookmaker B might have an excellent promotion running at that time. Bonus promotions always provide an advantage. This way, you can bet risk-free because you get the stake back in the event of a lost bet. Or the bookmaker has a free live bet waiting for you if you have placed an x ​​number of pre-match bets during the week. If you have an account at multiple betting offices, you can earn extra money from bonus promotions almost every week. Always pay attention to the bonus conditions before you start betting fanatically. Nothing is more annoying than missing out on extra play money because you don’t meet the requirements.

Save extra money from differences in odds

It’s not just the bonus promotions that bring in extra money. With an account with multiple bookmakers, you also benefit from the differences in odds. Each online betting agency determines which odds will be placed behind the bets. The numbers are usually relatively close to each other, but there are definitely differences. For example, a win for AZ can be good for odds of 2.34 at one bookmaker, while the other assigns the bet a value of 2.37. This may not seem like much, but over time, those extra profits add up considerably. It is, of course, possible that you keep an eye on the odds anyway when you are looking for a bookmaker. But that tactic is not foolproof. 

Even bookmakers who like to operate at the top of the market do not always offer the highest odds. Therefore, it can be beneficial to go to the competition at specific football matches or bets. At that time, it comes in handy that you have an account with multiple bookmakers. For example, betting on a win for Manchester City in the derby against United may be best with bookmaker A. Go for an over/under bet the day after on the match between Sevilla and Getafe. To choose Bookmaker B can be the smart choice here. Therefore, playing at multiple bookmakers yields money, and that while you do not have to do much extra for it. Although you do have to get used to doing comparison research with every bet. With live betting, this is a lot more difficult than with pre-match betting.

Live betting: keep a close eye on the bookmakers

With pre-match betting, it is reasonably easy to find the best bookmaker for your bet. You just go through the platforms where you have an account and see the highest odds. It couldn’t be easier. There is a bit more to it with live betting, especially if you want to get the most out of it. Do you have a player account with three different bookmakers? Then start preparing before the match begins. The odds indicate how a bookmaker estimates the odds when the players are not even on the field yet. That’s essential data, as those odds remain the starting point once the match is underway. For example, a bookmaker who bets extra high on a Manchester City win often sticks to relatively high odds throughout the game. Even if it turns out that United are in control and that a win for Manchester City is increasingly unlikely. So you immediately know which bookie to keep a close eye on if you prepare well for your live bet! Still, with live betting, you must have the platforms of all your online bookmakers open. Only in this way can you be sure that you make the right choice when you place that football bet.

Two bookmakers + one surebet means PROFIT!

There is another way to have the extra money in multiple players accounts for the advanced sports bettor. Because by playing at various bookmakers, you qualify for a sure bet. With a sure bet, you have the chance to play two bookmakers against each other. The differences in odds are so big that you always profit, regardless of how the match goes. For example, suppose you are going for an over/under bet where you focus on the number of goals. You bet on ‘more than 2.5 goals’ at one bookmaker, while the betting slip at the other bookmaker says ‘less than 2.5 goals’. Of these two bets, you will lose one anyway, but you will also win one. If the differences in odds are significant enough, you automatically make a profit. The result is not essential. 

Playing at two bookmakers guarantees money, thanks to the sure bet. But even though many football bets have different odds, there is only an occasional sure bet in between. Most of the time, the differences are just too small to apply this strategy. It also takes a lot of math to find such a sure bet. Fortunately, the most challenging work is done for you because the necessary calculation tools can be found online that lead you to outstanding sure bets. Although you have to be fast, a sure bet has disappeared because the bookmakers will adjust the odds. If you are just starting to bet on football, it is better to skip the phenomenon of a sure bet. You have to know exactly what you are doing, be able to react quickly, and you have to be stress-resistant. Few novice football bettors meet all of these points.

Are you suitable to play with multiple accounts?

Betting at multiple bookmakers can be financially very attractive. It does not matter whether you benefit from the many extra bonus promotions, whether you make use of the differences in odds or whether you like to go for a sure bet. All these points give you an advantage over football bettors who only have one player account. Should you immediately create that second, third or maybe even fourth account? Certainly not! 

First, consider whether your playing style is suitable for betting at multiple bookmakers. If you only place a bet now and then and you don’t feel like being intensively involved with football betting, then stick to one bookmaker. This is clear and still provides you with the necessary tension. It is also not realistic for this type of recreational bettor to bet with multiple bookmakers. For example, you quickly reach the minimum payout amount. Because you divide the bet over multiple betting platforms, you have to save extra long before meeting the payout limit. That’s not exactly encouraging.

Moreover, you have to invest a lot of money because every bookmaker works with a minimum deposit. If you place few bets, that is actually not feasible. Betting at multiple bookmakers only really pays off when you are passionate about betting on football. You like to be on top of it, you want to get the most out of your bets, and you don’t mind spending a lot of time on your hobby. Do you recognize yourself in this? Then go and look for a second bookmaker. Most football bettors stop searching once they have two or three-player accounts. With more accounts, football betting becomes unnecessarily complicated. And why should you, because with those two or three-player accounts, you have plenty of opportunities to get the most out of your bets.