Dutch sportsbooks are preparing for battle

27 August 2020

Although online gambling has been legal for some time in most European countries, this is not yet the case in the Netherlands. It counts for many well-known betting sites, like Unibet, Ladbrokes and Bwin. However, this is now almost coming after years of delay with a new gambling law coming into effect by 2021. The for most Europeans well-known sportsbooks are therefore making full preparations to be ready for the competition. TOTO, currently the only legal provider for sports betting in the Netherlands, is perhaps one of the more famous sportsbooks among Dutch people. It already has a strong position on Google, not least because of the expensive TV advertising and football shirt sponsor deals that the company itself makes. Other international bookmakers are also slowly making themselves heard. Not only in the Netherlands but also in familiar territories where they already own licenses on European and international level. The question, of course also remains which bookmakers will soon enter the Dutch market.

More competition in the Dutch bookmaker market

If you are talking about sports betting in specifically the Netherlands, then you may know TOTO as a bookmaker. It is well-known and currently the only name for offering sports bets in the Netherlands. It was the only provider that could legally offer a sports bet by official Dutch license. Of course, that does not mean that no Dutch person has ever taken a trip to a foreign provider. It was possible all these years, but still not legal. In recent years, the Dutch Gaming Authority has put a stop to this and enforced it firmly on active illegal providers by fining them. Online betting will become legal in the Netherlands from 2021, and a more extensive range of bookmakers will soon be available. Most people outside the Netherlands can already make use of a good and legal range of bookmakers. Do you want to view and compare reliable bookmakers? For betting on sports in Europe, go to our comparison overview!

Competition for sportsbooks on the Dutch betting market

Bookmakers can already be found almost all over the world who offer online sports betting or an online casino. These international bookmakers are therefore still ahead of the Dutch bookmakers. They offer many different types of bets compared to Dutch bookmakers which have many betting limitations currently. The well-known big names in sports betting have better odds and way more betting options compared to the Dutch bookie. Some bookmakers also offer live betting. But if you are new to sports betting and have only played at bookmaker TOTO, it will take some time and experience to get it done. Live betting means quick decisions to be made and the changing odds by the minute. In 2021, TOTO, will undoubtedly receive a new license along with others from the Dutch Gaming Authority. Other bookmakers have also registered and are currently being treated and reviewed by the Gaming Authority for entering the Dutch gambling market. After the corona crisis and the suspension of almost all sports, most providers in sports betting have been hit hard. A new market with a lot of potential because of much interest among Dutch sports fans will, therefore, offer a solution for these parties. But will the Dutch market create tough competition when it opens fully? Time will tell.

Online sports betting

Many matches are resumed, and we have been able last week to follow a beautiful final of the Champions League for example. You may even have already predicted Bayern Munich’s win. Keep following the matches of your favourite sport to make a good guess. At Bookmakers.eu you will find an overview of reliable bookmakers. Perhaps in the foreseeable future, many of these currently operating European bookmakers will also enter the Dutch market with a license. The bookmakers in our overview all have the correct permits for betting in the majority of European countries, which means that you can play 100% legally under the watchful eye of several major regulators from, for example, England and Malta.