Mobile betting with bookmakers is continuously growing in popularity!

2 February 2021

Bookmakers have seen a new trend in online betting in recent months. Mobile betting is becoming increasingly popular. Betting via smartphones and tablets will replace betting via a desktop. Gambling via mobile devices has become extremely popular in the past year of the coronavirus. More and more bookmakers are reporting that they see an upward trend in the number of mobile players. It is, therefore, not surprising that many bookmakers are developing mobile platforms at a rapid pace.

Much more betting via mobile devices

Well-known bookmakers saw that many more bets were placed via mobile devices in recent months. For example, before the corona crisis, about 65% of the total number of bets at one of the bookmakers, while this is already at 80%. William Hill, a British bookmaker, recently acquired by an American casino giant, is even going to invest even more in the mobile platforms for the US. The CFO has already indicated that this is showing success. Bookmaker Tipico also launched a mobile app not too long ago. Many bookmakers are expected to follow suit. Mobile betting will likely remain popular.

The technology in mobile apps is now just as advanced as the software for desktops. The difference is, therefore, hardly noticeable. This often favours mobile betting, as it is more user-friendly than online betting via a desktop. No one leaves home without a mobile phone, and in the lost minutes, you sometimes find yourself in a waiting room, for example, it is easy to take a gamble online. Did you know that you can place a bet on your mobile in just over a minute?

Online betting on your favourite sport

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