EURO 2020 quarter-final match: Switzerland – Spain

The 2021 European Championship has offered few surprises, although it seemed for a while in the ‘group of death’ that a favourite would be eliminated. That hasn’t happened yet, so if you have a bet on the European champion for 2021, you are probably still in the running. From now on, it will go fast again because 4 of the eighth-finals are already behind us. So what were and are the most exciting competitions to place a bet on?

Current form Spain

Spain also experienced a hot match in Copenhagen. They played there against the Croats. The first goal was scored by Spaniard Pedri, who accidentally shot his own goal. Three goals followed by the Spanish team, but the Croats were not yet eliminated and came back at the end of the game. In the regulation time, it was 3-3.

Spain scored twice in the extra time of the match, and the Croats had no answer to that. So it became 3-5 for the team of national coach Enrique in a beautiful game.

Current form Switzerland

The victory against France in the eighth final of the European Championship came quite unexpectedly for many. Switzerland was the underdog against the raining world champion but managed to beat them on penalties. The Swiss team took the lead in the fifteenth minute. Three goals followed for the French, and the team of national coach Petkovic seemed to be finished.

Nothing was further from the truth: Switzerland came back with two goals. However, no goals were scored in extra time, so penalties had to be taken. Switzerland made all five. French star Kylian Mbappé missed the French’s last penalty, so Switzerland advances to the semifinals.

Luis Enrique: “Switzerland is one of the best European teams.”

The Spanish national coach Luis Enrique was not surprised that not France, but Switzerland is the opponent in the quarterfinals of the European Championship. “Switzerland is one of the best European teams. It is a team that plays on the attack. If you analyze their game, you see that they have no weaknesses anywhere,” said the Spain national coach.

Spain eliminated Croatia in the eighth-finals of the European Championship. That was not easy for the team of national coach Enrique. However, with the match against Switzerland ahead, the Spanish elector wants to focus entirely on Friday’s opponent. “We will really have to play our best game to beat Switzerland. We still have a few days to recover before the quarterfinals,” concludes national coach Enrique.


The winner of the Switzerland – Spain match will face Belgium or Italy in the semifinals. Our southern neighbours will play Friday evening after this match between Switzerland, and Spain has been completed.

Head 2 Head

Switzerland and Spain played against each other in last year’s UEFA Nations League. The first leg was played in Madrid, and the Spaniards won that match 1-0. The return match in Basel, Switzerland, was a division of points for the teams with 1-1. A friendly game in 2018 also did not produce a winner. In the Spanish place Villarreal, it became 1-1. Spain has not had it really easy against Switzerland in recent years.

Prediction for Spain vs Switzerland

Our betting tip is 1-2 for Spain. Do you also expect this, or do you have another prediction in mind? Fill it in at the betting sites and score the highest pre-odds with!

The bookmakers payout the highest rewards if Switzerland beats Spain. In the bookies’ 1X2 game system, 5.20 times your stake will be paid out if the Swiss team advances to the semifinals. The pre-odds for a tie are set at 3.70 times your stake. Will Spain win? Then you can count on a reward of 1.70 times your investment.

The EURO 2020 quarterfinals Switzerland against Spain will be played on Friday, July 2 at 6 p.m. in the Gazprom Arena in Saint Petersburg.