Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)

One of the most vital European providers of a gambling license is undoubtedly the Malta Gaming Authority. The online gambling regulator was established in 2001 and monitored a safe and transparent market ever since.

Gambling companies that today want to profile themselves on the internet with an online casino or a betting office must have a license for this. Such a license can be applied for by gambling companies at various authorities. One of the most essential European providers of a gaming license is the Malta Gaming Authority. This has been a fixed value in the world of online casinos for many years. Parties that have such a license are generally regarded as very reliable. The MGA, therefore, does not give a permit to just anybody.

What is the MGA?

Malta is home to one of the most prominent gambling authorities in Europe. The MGA has issued licenses to a large number of European online gambling companies. What makes the MGA special is that it is relatively easy to apply for a casino license here. The gambling market is rigorous and closed in many countries.

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It is relatively easy for companies in Malta to set up a casino.

For this reason, a majority of the well-known online bookmakers and casinos are officially located in Malta. In addition to Malta, many casinos also move to Gibraltar or Curaçao. Overall, however, the MGA’s casino license is the most highly regarded.

What conditions does the Malta Gaming Authority employ?

It is wrong to think that the MGA grants an online casino a license, after which it can do whatever it wants. The conditions for obtaining a European license are already rigorous at first, but there is more. The MGA also regularly carries out strict inspections that must demonstrate no tampering and that the conditions are always being observed. For example, a company that offers online games of chance must guarantee a proper course of play at all times. That is not all, however, because the strictest conditions are financially oriented. Players who want (a lot of) money must be paid out, and the MGA also supervises this. Another fundamental fact that is strictly enforced within the Malta Gaming Authority is the reliability and safety of gambling. For example, casinos are often required to provide a feature that allows players to exclude themselves if they feel they are becoming addicted.

The exact control points of the MGA

The above already gives you a solid picture of the standard conditions used by the Malta Gaming Authority, but what exactly are the checkpoints? These are much more extensive than online gamblers often think, namely:

✓ A secure play environment

Initially, the MGA looks at the environment in which it is played. For example, is it safe? Can a registration securely take place, and is the privacy of the users sufficiently protected?

✓ Safe payment methods

Moreover, a license is issued by the MGA only to online casinos that offer a secure payment method to their users. This concerns, in particular, payment with Trustly or by credit card, using Neteller or Skrill and the support of the anonymous payment method PaySafeCard.

✓ The software used

Also, an interesting point that the MGA carries out considerable control over relates to the software it uses. This must come from a recognized and reliable developer such as Netent or Microgaming. The results must also be generated at all times through a Random Number Generator. After all, only in this way can fair play be guaranteed.

✓ Decent trustworthy customer service

The last aspect of being checked as a betting site under the restrictions of MGA is customer service. This must be easily accessible and available in at least English. Common ways to contact customer service include sending an email, making contact by phone, and using a live chat.

Bookmakers must provide the necessary financial guarantees

Gambling companies that want to set up a bookmaker betting site with an MGA license must always provide the necessary financial guarantees. These guarantees are very substantial and can amount to enormous amounts. However, they must ensure that players who make a particular profit at the casino in question can actually be paid out. Only if all the predetermined requirements are met will a license be issued by the MGA. All this ensures that an online bookmaker with such a license can always be regarded as very reliable.

MGA ensures safe betting and transactions

The Maltese Gaming Authority strictly controls how money can be deposited into a player account. The MGA sets strict requirements for this. But also, when paying out winnings to players, attention is paid to how this is done. And of course, how quickly that happens. The MGA also pays attention to possible signs of money laundering. If one goes over the line, sanctions will follow. In the first place, that will be fine, but if online gambling houses continue to evade the rules, the license will be revoked. That is a very severe punishment. The safety of the player is paramount in everything. That is why most operators use all known and known as safe payment methods. Online betting sites licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority can therefore assume a safe choice, as permission must first be requested from the MGA before the payment method is allowed.